SS08: Calvin Klein Men's Wear.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Now that I have published some of my favorite SS08 collections it’s time for something contrasting. Along Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein is one of the biggest brands in fashion but also one of the most overrated. Just ask yourself the last time you bought went into a Calvin Klein store and bought something, or the last time you even found something from Calvin Klein that you wanted but couldn’t afford(not counting underwear or fragrances).

The most likely answer to the question above is NO! At the age of 14 I was stupid enough to choose a Calvin Klein bottle amongst many fine scents in a fragrance store. What I didn’t know is that the fragrance would turn out to be one of my first buys ever. It was a big black bottle priced at 50 euro. The problem with the fragrance was that the scent didn’t stick my skin or even my clothes for very long. After one or two hours after application I could barely smell the scent at all. It was as if I had bought a cheap alcohol based replica at a market, which it couldn’t have been since I bought it from a very established chain store. Nonetheless the fragrance left a sour Calvin Klein experience in my mouth.

With their SS08 CK isn’t exactly trying to make it up to me by offering desirable pieces. As you can see the collection is extremely plain and bare. Nothing but simple suits, weird looking jacket and boring looking models. The collection brings nothing new to the table and the brand is as passé as Vanilla Ice.

There is nice pair of chinos.


Grade: 2/5 Like Simon Cowell would have said “absolutely horrifying, ”


goofy328 said...

Calvin Klein is a great label I shop at their store all the time. I wasn't able to shop the label growing up because the nearest store was in the Cleveland area, which was 45 minutes away. The only time I could find the label was in discount stores like TJ Maxx. Now that I am a larger metro where the stores actually shop Calvin I enjoy purchasing from them.

Part of the genius behind Calvin's strategy is advertising their fragrances and underwear and making their other stuff hard to find. The better Calvin stuff becomes harder and harder to find. For example you can buy the fragrances at Wal-Mart, but the Jeans label is only in better department stores, and if you want Calvin Klein Collection, you have to shop at Saks, Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms, or one of their own stores. The factory stores do not even sell Collection.

While I would agree with you that there are better labels that do the same as Calvin Klein; Hugo Boss, Zegna, Helmut Lang, but a few, perhaps Gucci on the high end, Klein brings it to the masses just like Ralph Lauren brings the country style to the masses, whereas all of the designers in Britain sell similar styles. Putting Calvin in the same boat as Hilfiger though, I don't know. Hilfiger is pretty much dead on arrival, and most of the stores that were selling it ten years ago stopped carrying it. Klein though, is still sought after. Calvin mismanaged his business, which is a lot of what led to Van Huesen buying him out, which never, ever should have happened, but good Calvin Klein is timeless, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for Hilfiger.

Luwalira said...

What CK and Hilfiger both have incommon is that they are the two biggest biggest under wear brands in the industry. Both were off course heavy advertisers during the 90s, and until today you can't buy a magazine or walk past Time Square in NY without spotting a CK ad.

CK is now days associated with nothing other than fragrance and underwear. I have lived in metropolitans my entire life so I have had access to CK clothes and stores but rarely ever go near them since I have never been exposed to anything which have triggered curiosity in me.

What is keeping the brand alive in nothing but their fragrances and their under wear. I would love for you to show me something nice from CK.

As for tommy Hilfiger, they do focus more on the clothes department of their brand. Their collections for kids is pretty good but their men's collection is a bit weak. IMO one is better of spending their bucks at RL which offer better designs and a bit better quality.

WinstonC said...

I completely agree with you - I wouldn't have given it a two. A one and a half if Mr Klein is lucky. There is something VERY incomplete about the ensembles. Lacking haberdash and detail, the clothing needs accessorising and it needs quirkiness. When I walk around the mens CK collections in London stores there is no inspiration whatsoever. Bland label for bland people I feel.