SS08: Dior Homme Men's Wear.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

I have reported earlier this summer that Dior Homme would not show off an SS08 collection at a runway in Paris. That is the reason why my eye balls almost fell when I, yesterday found a set of shots showing what Kris Van Assche has been up to as the new chief designer at DH.

Believe me I know you guys fell already, I’m also dizzy from all the unnecessary iPhone hype but don’t fall off your chair when you view the images below. It seem like Van Van Assche has taken everything Hedi Slimane has done and thrown it out the window. Even though that has necessary for Van Assche’s career it is a bit disrespectful towards Hedi who has put DH on the map and made it as very big name in the world of men’s fashion.

Van Assche has gone back to Christian Dior’s roots and marked that DH will no longer be an indie pop/undertaker brand. Although the outfits in the shots don’t look like much to the world they represent what I associate Christian Dior with; subtle, formal and discrete clothing for French snobs. A good thing is that collection is a perfect match with Galliano’s side of Dior. I would love to see them exhibit their collections on the same runway.

What do I think about the clothes? Overall they are very pleasing I would be very thankful if Van Assche sent one pair of the pleated trousers. The shirts look great too but there isn’t that much to critique since the outfits are very bare and simple. I think that this collection was just created to show the world the new direction DH has chosen and that Hedi is forgotten.

The pleated trousers.
Short pants.

A little boring.
I miss hedi.

3.5/5 pleased but dazed and confused.


WinstonC said...

I agree. I am disappointed with it - I was viewing it not long ago on and there is definitely too much simplicity. The 'statement' is almost non-existent, although some would argue the statement would be that there is no statement (eye roll). Anyway, I think that Dior Homme might be a vehicle for something a bit more revolutionary in future.

Luwalira said...

Yeah it is a disappointing but since I'm so humble and optimistic I have faith. I see this collection as Van Assche's way of telling use fashion freaks that Hedi has left the building and that he himself is the new sheriff in town. Kind of an introduction.

This is the most important job he will ever have and I'm sure he'll do everything in his power not to screw up.