Back to school.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Wearing glasses with no strength at all has been quite popular the latest two years especially amongst fashion fanatics who want to spice up their outfits with a touch of intelligence.

I have always wanted a pair of glasses but have had a tough time getting hold of a pair of cheap ones, until last week. During a quick visit in a second hand store I saw a basket of glasses and found just the type I wanted. The glass messed up my eyes to I had to break it but it was surprisingly difficult to break. I had to pound each glass shield with all my force 4-5 times with a screwdriver until it gave up.

When I wore them yesterday for my arrogant "Oxford student back to school nerd"-look, and very few noticed that they didn’t have any glass but still I will be visiting my local optician and find out how much it cost to fill the holes with glass.


Flurre said...

Schysst, vad blire för dig i höst då? Tänkte på att du tidigare sa någonstans att du ville studera "mode".

Luwalira said...

Japp jag var inne på att studera mode men har under dom senaste månaderna fått reda på att det inte är värt att studera mode om nu inte ska bli designer eller något liknande.

Jag ska istället fortsätta mina studier i Marknadsföring i centrala London under början av nästa år. Samtidigt som jag ska försöka få praktik på en modetidning=)