Cavalli for H&M preview.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The launch is a bit more than 2 months away but this week H&M has together with a Swedish men’s magazine issued a preview shots to keep us hungry for Cavalli’s collection for H&M.

Thankfully he hasn’t turned our nightmares into reality, hardly any men’s clothes with animal patterns, purple or ruffles in sight. What I like most from the shots in the women’s trench coat and I could see thousands of women fighting like cavemen for one in November. The shirt with snow leopard fabric on the front looks quite sharp, I like it.

As for the men’s clothes they look rather plain and leave me rather uninterested. I hope that the details on the suit and trench coat aren’t yellow because that is a terrible colour to combine with most of what I’ve got in my closet. But Cavalli and H&M have more in store than what is in the pictures and they will probably offer a few pieces with mass appeal.


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