Coloured pants.

Monday, 6 August 2007

I have always been interested in a pair of coloured chinos/jeans, a pair of yellow or orange one(but not too bright coloured off course). What’s hard is finding a pair with good fit, RL sells coloured chinos but they aren’t for the slender type. above here is a picture of a Swedish “internet buddy” of mine who has managed to pull of a spectacular outfit using a pair of lip stick read jeans.

Very classic at the top with a white shirt and a black blazer letting the trousers stand in the spot light. Red is a dead sexy colour and this outfit would definitely make him a star at a party. 110% seduction.


WinstonC said...

I agree. I bought a fantastic and very cheap pair of slim fit red jeans from Zara recently. Red is definitely a seductive colour. However, I think by the time autumn comes, coloured jeans will be a little out of place.

Luwalira said...

Dark clothes tend to be popular during the winter, which makes makes coloured trousers a superb choice if you want to distinguish yourself from the masses.