Conveyor belt showcase.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Not all designers want to or have the dough to exhibit their latest collection with a big show involving exquisite champagne and goodies bags worth several hundred euros. Some are just happy with releasing a set of look book images or just holding a small private show for their biggest buyers and friends.

I love creativity and it’s always the simple ideas which make my left ear tingle. Italian brand TRUSSARD, showed earlier this year off their FW07/08 collection on a conveyor belt, which I found to be a genius idea. Not only is it very cool, but it allow the designer to show off a whole lot of bags, which isn’t possible on catwalk since the bags needs to be carried by a model. Great, isn’t it???


Escapist said...

Brilliant idea, I think. I really like it when they come up with something out of the ordinary to spice up the collections, and, most of the time, add to their character.

I'm always impressed by Chanel's couture shows. Especially the Spring 2007 one.

Luwalira said...

I haven't seen Chanel's SS07 show, but I do find it cool that they used an airplane for their Ss08 Resort show.

Anonymous said...

ahhh that's genius. im jealous, that i didn't think of that first.

The Anonymous Creator of Marc & Dolce: Don't Mix said...

This shows display still remains to be one of my favorites.