Dress up your home.

Monday, 27 August 2007

If you’re into fashion you naturally fancy nice homes as but I don’t. I’m into architecture and interior décor. It takes more than a random mansion shown on MTV Cribs to make my ears tingle because I’m quite picky and particular.

At the moment I live with my parents and long to the day where I have a good job and can afford a good looking apartment or house to turn into my own oasis. I will be moving to Central London to continue my university studies in marketing at the beginning of next year and will try, using the little money I will have to turn my dorm into my personal space.

What characterizes my style is the use of walls. I have blank walls and encourage all of you to use them by hanging up paintings. Further more painting walls in brown, dark gray or purple while keeping the doors sills white is a great way to add depth to a room. Wallpapers with texture and motives are pretty hot as well and is something I could see myself investing in.

As for the décor I’m not into minimalistic and boring furniture which you barely dare to touch. To be there is nothing more important than a comfortable home. Everything you sit you should make you feel relaxed and calm. I like mixed decorations with old designs painted repainted in solid colours. Don’t get me wrong I love Bauhaus pieces as well. Here are a few pictures to showing my taste of décor and design. Colours and shapes are extremely important to me. I love bright colours.

Do I like big houses? Very little. Most big houses are big, bland and boring. I like it intimate with all rooms connected with the help of an open, interesting and functional floor plan. I could see myself living in a house with 3 bedrooms, one guest room, a reading room, and A/V room for watching movies and playing Xbox 360, super clean living room, dinning room and finally a room/glass house next to the garden. Off course I wouldn’t want to live in a house like this all alone. I want children 3 of them, I love having people around me. The house below is a good representation of what I perceive as a reasonably sized home with great architecture. I don’t like the interior decor though.