Louis Vuitton DVD.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Louis Vuitton has released a DVD for their fans. It will look great next to your Gladiator DVD and Halo 3 game. Thankfully LV has decided to show L.O.V.E to all the people around the globe by making the disc region free.

The content is history about the brand, factory tour, behind the scene footage, Marc Jacobs commentary and other stuff which will keep your ears and eyes focus for 1 hour and 22 minutes. It’s a good idea and I wish other designers sold DVD featuring fashion shows and other interesting info. The DVD is priced at 30 euro. Not very cheap, but after all it’s an LV product.



Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Pulling of a larger-than-life outfit that will leave everyone you encounter stunned requires effort, but there are limits. It’s very easy to over-dress when you’re too excited, girls tend to do that by over accessorizing. Another typical phenomenon is the over matching and an extreme scenario is nail polish, belt, lipstick, purse and shoes all in the same colour. It’s tacky to say the least and will give people the impression that you are trying too hard.

The fella above who looks like a successful hustler is border line. Although his shoes are very cool they are kind of over matched with the pocket square, tie and shirt. But overall I have to give it up to him, he looks slick and smashing.


Turkish Design.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A new design force is emerging from the exotic city of Instanbul. Turkish design is starting to get some serious recognition. Some might be surprised by the modern designs coming from a country with such a traditional culture, but Turkey has had a strong design culture for many years. Like other European nations, they look to Italy as the design leader of the world. However, even the Italians are interested in the work of Turkish designers, and a few top Italian manufacturers, like the furniture maker Cappellini and the domestic objects manufacturer Alessi, have produced objects designed by Turkish designers.

One of the biggest stars of Turkish design is Aziz Sariyer, he is immensely creative and has designed many furniture objects for Derin, the company he is a director of. He is inspired by the work of some of the most important contemporary designers: Ettore Sotsass, Achille Castiglioni, Alessandro Mendini, Jasper Morrisson, Konstantin Grcic, Tom Dixon, Ron Arad -- so it is clear he has a very international outlook for Turkish Design.

By: Guest writer Bolidismo.


101th post: Synopsis.

Monday, 24 September 2007

7 months and one day. When I started this blog I didn’t anticipate that I would be blogging until this day. Writing has never been one of my strong abilities and I was terrible throughout my young years at getting words down on a paper. It’s not like I couldn’t, it was just that I didn’t have much to say. All my answers were brief and nothing more, which is something that contrast strongly against what I have been up to the latest months.

Like every things else in life the first steps are the most difficult ones. After some encouragement from a guy on the net, I played with Photoshop, created the banner above and opened up a blogger account. At first it was a bit tiresome having to write 3-4 posts every week, but after 3-4 weeks I was hooked. I officially felt like a blogger and post just popped up in my head like curse words whenever my internet connection isn’t working.

Blogging is very addictive but I highly enjoy it. There’s someone relaxing about getting thoughts and feelings out of head and sharing what’s inside you with others. It enlightens you and connects you with people, especially those who might share your views.

I will keep posting until I no longer can’t, don’t have time or get bored with it. The number of posts per weeks will remain at 3-4. Since I have a high interest in art and décor you will see non-fashion related design posts in the coming months, I hope you'll enjoy them. Don’t worry though, the main focus will still be men’s fashion even though there will be one design post per ever 4-6 fashion related post.


Sex sells?

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Tom Ford is certainly back in high gear, and to spread the message he has created a striking ad for his fragrance. Top photographer Terry Richardson, also known as a master at fashion p0rno, is together with Tom the brains behind this provocative ad campaign.

I hope these shots won’t get you in to trouble will viewing my blog at work and neither is it erm…….suitable to view these pictures in a public place. It doesn’t get any more provocative than this, the red lipstick/nail polish, the wetness, nudity and censored vagina(!) really does they are supposed to, which is to shock!

We marketing gizmos know that debate = publicity, so Tom shouldn’t be worried about the masses not finding out about his new fragrance. What’s my opinion on the campaign? Hmmm it doesn’t bother me that much but I have to say that it’s incredibly powerful in a way that might anger women.


I like girls who swallow........food!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

It’s time to join the never ending discussion concerning models and their weight. Because I’m a fashion guru and into models some people think I am and advocate for tall and skinny women.

As a matter of fact I feel empathy for female models, especially those working for the high fashion designers. Not only are they facing tough competition in an industry were most careers are short, but they have to deal with the painful weight requirements.

The fashion industry doesn’t have any compassion and doesn’t shed a tear for anyone. It’s a very shallow and superstitious industry. Money and fashion is all that matters, and models are nothing but walking dolls. That’s why your agency won’t feel bad about telling you right up in the face that you need to need to loose 5-15kg. In some cases girls are even measured around the waist and thighs and told how many centimeters they need to slice of.

Since the majority of girls and women don’t like engaging exercising or engage in sports, they drastically cut their food intake in order to, in a short time frame, meet the weight requirements set by their reputable agency. And that’s the root of all anorexia and eating disorders. Understandably many girls are willing to go far to stay in the dreamy world of exclusive clothes, free champagne and plenty of attention.

A skinny body is the epitome. Tall 15-16 years old girls tend to be popular just because they have very small breast, slender face and haven’t fully developed into a woman. On the other hand all models don’t struggle to stay in the industry by maintaining and unhealthy diet. Some people have a very high metabolism and are generally skinny regardless of how much they eat.

Me for example, can eat what I want, how much I want and when ever I want without gaining any weight. I’m serious, I have never had to think about what I eat. Unfortunately that had a negative effect on my body building and sports career in American football. In trying to gain weight I went to the gym regularly for 4 years, ate like crazy but only gained a few kilos every year, but I did get stronger though. Last year when didn’t have any more time to lift weights or play American football I lost a staggering 11kg and weigh 70kg now.

As for women I like them slim with some meat and nice shapes. I have a few skinny colleagues and cuddling with them isn’t an erotic experience, too bony. What looks great on the catwalk isn't always as great in the real world. Sex appeal is important which is something that many models with beautiful faces lack. I’ve meet glamour models and they have amazing bodies minus the over sized breasts off course. Something between them and a high fashion runway models is perfection. What’s most important is that the body is dense enough to fill up a pair of slim jeans. The body below is a good example of a well crafted body. I love cooking and love eating food as well, therefore I like girl who aren’t afraid of enjoying food. Love and beauty comes from within, there is no point in looking like Nichole Richie if you don't feel good.


More Cavalli for H&M.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

H&M, Roberto Cavalli

Another day, another batch of Cavalli for H&M pictures. This time it’s all about what he has in stores for us men. Instead for finding the right balance between his designs and what the average fashion interested guy wears, Cavalli has taken a unexpected and boring path.

H&M, Roberto Cavalli

H&M, Roberto Cavalli

The pictures speak for themselves and as you can see the clothes are uninteresting and disappointing. No traces of Cavalli in them at all, unlike the pieces for women, which look superb. I didn’t want a fake fur coat but I did anticipate a tasteful sprinkle of animal pattern/gold or purple here and there. So what is you have against us men??? We want to look glamors in a proper manner too you know.

H&M, Roberto Cavalli
H&M, Roberto Cavalli

Thanks for the tip Jessi!


SS08: Thom Browne Men's collection

Friday, 14 September 2007

In the frenzy of women’s fashion week NY Thom Browne showed off his Men’s SS07 collection. Just like Ozwald Boateng he has one foot in the world of tailoring and the other one in the world of high fashion. The latest 12 month Browne has managed to impression me with his variation and creativity, placing himself on a high level as a fashion designer than Boateng.

Browne debuted on the runway scene at the beginning of this year and this month he has proved that he’s here to stay. Some might consider his SS07 collection to be ridiculous and appalling but I’m in love with it. Presenting the audience with a visually intriguing show is very important. After all, who would want to see him present conventional suits in a plain manner? That would be a total bore.

The theme from the show is most likely as college water polo from Hampton. Looking at all the blue, red and white representing American pride, one can instantly conclude that the collection is designed by a New York based designer. Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren love using that colour combination as well. The Browne signatures are off course there like the high socks, pants reaching just above the ankles and the gray 1950s styled suits. There is a whole lot of wearable pieces to like, especially the shorts and the sweaters.


The beautiful cuts.

Superb theme.

Lots of variation.


What’s up with the Piñata suits?

Short sleeved suits? Meh!

Grade : 4.5/5 Thome Brown = Much success

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GQ sport man of the year.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Last week on Tuesday my favorite athlete at the moment won GQ Magazine’s award for sports man of the year. It’s
Britain’s very own 22 years old Lewis Hamilton who won it!

As a supporter of Mclaren-Mercedes which is the F1 team Hamilton drives for, I find the award to be well deserved. I have cheered for Hamilton ever since I found out that he was going to debut as a F1 driver this year. He is one hell of a driver and is currently the leader in this season. Despite the fact that he’s a rookie driving against top drivers like Fernando Alonso, Kimi Räikkönen and Filippe Massa, Hamilton has heavily challenged them and overall performed better than them.

You should see the intensity in his eyes when he comes second or third, the disappointment and hunger for more projected through he’s eyes shows committed he is. Hamilton is pure champion material, the type that aims for the stars and nothing else. The way he drives is impeccable, it’s almost as if he’s playing Super Mario Kart with cheat codes. He makes no mistakes what so ever and drives very aggressively as well.

Petrol isn’t the only thing flowing through F1, there’s a lot of testosterone as well. Hamilton’s unpredicted success has aggravated his team mate Fernando Alonso, who even went as far as blocking Hamilton during a qualification session a few weeks ago, luckily Alonso got punished for it. There’s a bitch fest going on and they have cooked themselves a nice European Beef.

Alonso won F1 2005 and 2006 and he sure doesn’t want to lose against a rookie team mate this year. We are approaching the end of the season and there’s only a 4 races left, Alonso is only a few point behind Hamilton and I hope it stays that way. Hamilton for the win!