Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Pulling of a larger-than-life outfit that will leave everyone you encounter stunned requires effort, but there are limits. It’s very easy to over-dress when you’re too excited, girls tend to do that by over accessorizing. Another typical phenomenon is the over matching and an extreme scenario is nail polish, belt, lipstick, purse and shoes all in the same colour. It’s tacky to say the least and will give people the impression that you are trying too hard.

The fella above who looks like a successful hustler is border line. Although his shoes are very cool they are kind of over matched with the pocket square, tie and shirt. But overall I have to give it up to him, he looks slick and smashing.


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Thomas said...

Just a note - rather than simply write a disclaimer at the bottom, you might want to credit the photographer of the pic. For example, this was clearly taken from the Sartorialist.

Luwalira said...

Thomas: Your very right. I'm a bit lazy with crediting and citing sources but I do have a link to the Sartorialist as a way of showing appreciation for his work.