GQ sport man of the year.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Last week on Tuesday my favorite athlete at the moment won GQ Magazine’s award for sports man of the year. It’s
Britain’s very own 22 years old Lewis Hamilton who won it!

As a supporter of Mclaren-Mercedes which is the F1 team Hamilton drives for, I find the award to be well deserved. I have cheered for Hamilton ever since I found out that he was going to debut as a F1 driver this year. He is one hell of a driver and is currently the leader in this season. Despite the fact that he’s a rookie driving against top drivers like Fernando Alonso, Kimi Räikkönen and Filippe Massa, Hamilton has heavily challenged them and overall performed better than them.

You should see the intensity in his eyes when he comes second or third, the disappointment and hunger for more projected through he’s eyes shows committed he is. Hamilton is pure champion material, the type that aims for the stars and nothing else. The way he drives is impeccable, it’s almost as if he’s playing Super Mario Kart with cheat codes. He makes no mistakes what so ever and drives very aggressively as well.

Petrol isn’t the only thing flowing through F1, there’s a lot of testosterone as well. Hamilton’s unpredicted success has aggravated his team mate Fernando Alonso, who even went as far as blocking Hamilton during a qualification session a few weeks ago, luckily Alonso got punished for it. There’s a bitch fest going on and they have cooked themselves a nice European Beef.

Alonso won F1 2005 and 2006 and he sure doesn’t want to lose against a rookie team mate this year. We are approaching the end of the season and there’s only a 4 races left, Alonso is only a few point behind Hamilton and I hope it stays that way. Hamilton for the win!


Kasper said...

It's sure gonna be one exciting season :D I'm watching every single race, because since Schumacher left (all credits to him.. He was amazing! Though made F1 a little boring) it has been really exciting! I'm not much of a McLaren man, but they've got a very fast car this year. Just hope the case about spying doesn't evolve any further!

Luwalira said...

Yeah the seasons is far from over. The coming races will be like a thriller movie. The espionage scandal is really blowing up. Tomorrow FIA will lay down their verdict and if they don't rule against Mclaren, Ferrari will most likely escalate the whole matter to civil court. Mostly because they are pissed off that Mclaren are on their way to win the constructors championship =)