I like girls who swallow........food!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

It’s time to join the never ending discussion concerning models and their weight. Because I’m a fashion guru and into models some people think I am and advocate for tall and skinny women.

As a matter of fact I feel empathy for female models, especially those working for the high fashion designers. Not only are they facing tough competition in an industry were most careers are short, but they have to deal with the painful weight requirements.

The fashion industry doesn’t have any compassion and doesn’t shed a tear for anyone. It’s a very shallow and superstitious industry. Money and fashion is all that matters, and models are nothing but walking dolls. That’s why your agency won’t feel bad about telling you right up in the face that you need to need to loose 5-15kg. In some cases girls are even measured around the waist and thighs and told how many centimeters they need to slice of.

Since the majority of girls and women don’t like engaging exercising or engage in sports, they drastically cut their food intake in order to, in a short time frame, meet the weight requirements set by their reputable agency. And that’s the root of all anorexia and eating disorders. Understandably many girls are willing to go far to stay in the dreamy world of exclusive clothes, free champagne and plenty of attention.

A skinny body is the epitome. Tall 15-16 years old girls tend to be popular just because they have very small breast, slender face and haven’t fully developed into a woman. On the other hand all models don’t struggle to stay in the industry by maintaining and unhealthy diet. Some people have a very high metabolism and are generally skinny regardless of how much they eat.

Me for example, can eat what I want, how much I want and when ever I want without gaining any weight. I’m serious, I have never had to think about what I eat. Unfortunately that had a negative effect on my body building and sports career in American football. In trying to gain weight I went to the gym regularly for 4 years, ate like crazy but only gained a few kilos every year, but I did get stronger though. Last year when didn’t have any more time to lift weights or play American football I lost a staggering 11kg and weigh 70kg now.

As for women I like them slim with some meat and nice shapes. I have a few skinny colleagues and cuddling with them isn’t an erotic experience, too bony. What looks great on the catwalk isn't always as great in the real world. Sex appeal is important which is something that many models with beautiful faces lack. I’ve meet glamour models and they have amazing bodies minus the over sized breasts off course. Something between them and a high fashion runway models is perfection. What’s most important is that the body is dense enough to fill up a pair of slim jeans. The body below is a good example of a well crafted body. I love cooking and love eating food as well, therefore I like girl who aren’t afraid of enjoying food. Love and beauty comes from within, there is no point in looking like Nichole Richie if you don't feel good.


Kasper said...

Well said indeed.. I've had a couple of friends with eating-disorders by now, and if I hear one more girl telling me that she is fat, I think I will go nuts.. Yes, it's fair to look upon yourself and think: "Hey.. I might just lose some weight. I think that would look good on me", and if you do it properly, it probably will.. Work out often, eat a lot of healthy food, and you will see the results! Stop torturing yourselves by not eating. Everybody likes food, and guys like healthy women. It can be beautiful to see some of these skinny models on the runway, but anyway I would at any time preffer a women with a more healthy-looking body! Anytime!

Anonymous said...

Sho broshan! Hoppas du inte har något emot att jag skriver på svenska.. :)

Måste bara påpeka att du borde korrekturläsa, eller be någon annan korrekturläsa det du skriver - se bara hur tokigt det blir i ditt svar till Kasper:
"Hunger also result in fatigue, irritation and sex lust."
Alltså: Hunger resulterar även i trötthet, irritation och sexlust. Jag utgår från att du menar att hunger bidrar till minskad sexlust.. ;)

Dock är det kul att du skriver på engelska, det mesta är riktigt bra! Det är nästan så jag själv skulle vilja börja blogga på engelska, för att hålla språket igång. Håll ångan uppe! :)

Dock har jag lite svårt att begripa vad du egentligen vill åstadkomma med det aktuella blogginlägget; vill du bara konstatera att du gillar smala men inte anorektiska tjejer? Eller finns det något annat syfte?

Ja, nu har jag klagat betydligt mycket mer än vad som är inom de rimliga gränserna för hövlighet. Men eftersom jag inte har kommenterat här tidigare men tittat in då och då så kan det här kanske ses som en sammantagen redovisning av min upplevelse av din blogg. Vilket visserligen inte ursäktar något.

Slutligen: Skriv på, du har en av de bättre "icke-professionella" modebloggarna i det här landet!

Luwalira said...

Kasper: So you have friends with eating disorders. How unfortunate, I hope they are well.

A class mate of mine in high school was starting to walk down the wrong path when she had lunch portions the size of a computer mouse. Ridiculous way of trying to reduce your weight, especially since a healthy diet is important for learning.

Hunger also result in fatigue, irritation and lack of sex lust. So I prefer girls who eat. But I agree with what you wrote.

Luwalira said...

Tjena svensson!

Kul att du skriver. Det är alltid trevlig med feedback oavsett om det är positivt eller negativt.

Ja du, att korrekturläsa är något jag alltid har slarvat med. Jag gillar att skriva snabbt och jäkta vilket gör att jag ibland inte läser igenom det jag har skrivit mer än en gång. Men jag har lovat mig själv att skärpa mig. så förhoppningsvis för du inte att se mer slarvfel framöver =) Tack att du påpekade det dock.

Tyvärr är jag inte lika lyckligt lottad som alla professionella modejournalister som har tillgång till copywriters. Jag kanske borde sluta skriva mina inlägg sent på kvällen.

BruceMcc said...

Great article Hassan.

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

Agreed, being healthy is simply being beautiful.

I have a pretty high metabolism rate too, by the way ;-) It just takes so much effort to gain a KG.

Stellathomas said...

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