More Cavalli for H&M.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

H&M, Roberto Cavalli

Another day, another batch of Cavalli for H&M pictures. This time it’s all about what he has in stores for us men. Instead for finding the right balance between his designs and what the average fashion interested guy wears, Cavalli has taken a unexpected and boring path.

H&M, Roberto Cavalli

H&M, Roberto Cavalli

The pictures speak for themselves and as you can see the clothes are uninteresting and disappointing. No traces of Cavalli in them at all, unlike the pieces for women, which look superb. I didn’t want a fake fur coat but I did anticipate a tasteful sprinkle of animal pattern/gold or purple here and there. So what is you have against us men??? We want to look glamors in a proper manner too you know.

H&M, Roberto Cavalli
H&M, Roberto Cavalli

Thanks for the tip Jessi!


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Anonymous said...

the trenchcoat was nice though...

Luwalira said...

The trench coat does look alright, I hope that quality is high and the price is low.