Power dressing.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

A man dressed in a suit and walking into a room full of people attracts the same attention a woman gets when stepping inside a bus rocking a short skirt. Give the man a briefcase and the effect is amplified even more. There’s just something magical and respectful about a man dressed in a suit. It’s a projection of power, respect and knowledge.

Power dressing is the term, which is associated with young men living in expensive Manhattan apartments, earning big bucks on Wall Street as stock brokers. On the down side power dressing isn’t for everyone. You’d look pretty...uh...exaggerated if dressed as one of the guys in the pictures and tell someone in the streets that you work as a cashier at Starbucks. Ideally you should be a successful sales representative, on a flight paid for by your employee or an entrepreneur. Then again who gives a *bip*, everyone is entitled to dress sharp. I could easily see myself dressed that sexy at a weeding or on a special occasion, though I’d probably leave out alligator briefcase and 300 euro Cartier pen.

Key pieces:

*Dark pin-striped suit

*Tie + suspenders

*Leather briefcase

*Visiting card + pen(no cheap disposable pen!)

*Masculine and powerful fragrance

*Optional: Porsche 993 Turbo + American Express Platinum


Escapist said...

I absolutely love that photoshoot, especially the colours. Do you know who shot this?

Luwalira said...

Miles Aldridge is the photographer who shot it=)

tkl said...

Bra blog!

Kul läsning, tack för det.



fUnSource said...

I like the photos too!! the colours and the styles! Great job!