Sex sells?

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Tom Ford is certainly back in high gear, and to spread the message he has created a striking ad for his fragrance. Top photographer Terry Richardson, also known as a master at fashion p0rno, is together with Tom the brains behind this provocative ad campaign.

I hope these shots won’t get you in to trouble will viewing my blog at work and neither is it erm…….suitable to view these pictures in a public place. It doesn’t get any more provocative than this, the red lipstick/nail polish, the wetness, nudity and censored vagina(!) really does they are supposed to, which is to shock!

We marketing gizmos know that debate = publicity, so Tom shouldn’t be worried about the masses not finding out about his new fragrance. What’s my opinion on the campaign? Hmmm it doesn’t bother me that much but I have to say that it’s incredibly powerful in a way that might anger women.


Djavan said...

I find this ads in distaste. I'm so over the whole sex sells thing. Tom Ford needs something new cuz I'm really tired of this kinda advertising.

Escapist said...

He's doing good. As you said, no publicity is bad publicity.

Though that last shot is somehow hilarious--makes me think that you buy this fragrance and smell of vagina.

But yeah, sex sells, it will always sell and it shouldn't not sell.

Though I wonder where will they be allowed to display this.

Luwalira said...

Yeah the last one is a bit funny, especially if you're trying to interpret what message the picture is trying to send.

Only the first and the third pictures are used as ads, primarily the first one. As you can see the other ones are too explicit and won't be seen in Teen Vogue.

BTW, google Terry Richardson and select images if you want to see some of his other hardcore photography. Many of them are on Flickr too.

Escapist said...

I'm familiar with his work. Really loved the 2006 Sisley ad campaigns he shot.

MJ said...

Tom Ford is a sex maniac.