SS08: Thom Browne Men's collection

Friday, 14 September 2007

In the frenzy of women’s fashion week NY Thom Browne showed off his Men’s SS07 collection. Just like Ozwald Boateng he has one foot in the world of tailoring and the other one in the world of high fashion. The latest 12 month Browne has managed to impression me with his variation and creativity, placing himself on a high level as a fashion designer than Boateng.

Browne debuted on the runway scene at the beginning of this year and this month he has proved that he’s here to stay. Some might consider his SS07 collection to be ridiculous and appalling but I’m in love with it. Presenting the audience with a visually intriguing show is very important. After all, who would want to see him present conventional suits in a plain manner? That would be a total bore.

The theme from the show is most likely as college water polo from Hampton. Looking at all the blue, red and white representing American pride, one can instantly conclude that the collection is designed by a New York based designer. Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren love using that colour combination as well. The Browne signatures are off course there like the high socks, pants reaching just above the ankles and the gray 1950s styled suits. There is a whole lot of wearable pieces to like, especially the shorts and the sweaters.


The beautiful cuts.

Superb theme.

Lots of variation.


What’s up with the Piñata suits?

Short sleeved suits? Meh!

Grade : 4.5/5 Thome Brown = Much success

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