Blank screen - laptop issues.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Once again I get struck with my typical bad luck with gadgets. This time a blogger's best friend, my laptop, has serious issues. On Saturday I turned on my laptop, heard one longer beep followed by two short beeps and a black screen. The beep sequence is a message for video card error. I tried hooking the laptop up with one of the screens at home but could still not get anything to show on the screen.

Simply put my graphics card has been fried and the whole mother board needs to be replaced, or HP needs to give me a new laptop. Thank god for warranty. Last time I sent it in ,it was gone for 4 weeks and I recon it will take just as long time this time. I've laid it down in a "coffin" ready for DHL to pick up later this week. I have all my pictures on the laptop and with that being said there will be very few posts the coming weeks. I'll post what ever I can but don't expect much until the laptop has been fixed.


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