Cavalli for HM galore.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

You’re probably tired of all the Cavalli for HM hype but the end is near since the collection will go on sale on Thursday the 8th November next week. Since I’m abandoning the iPod camp the 11th marks the day which the new Microsoft Znue 80Gb will be launched in the US. Not that it’s relevant but I will be buying one from eBay, thankfully the mighty dollar is not so mighty any longer.

I won’t be lining up for the collection outside an HM store next week. The gear for us men is not particularly interesting, plus I don’t have the dough for it either. If I was a girl I would rush for the two dressed below, my genitals will tingle. The dresses are spectacular and perfectly suited for new years eve. The one in the left picture is my favorite piece in the entire collection and Jessica looks superb in it. It should be worn with bare legs uncovered by the undressing of a black trench coat.

The campaign itself is very well made and does what it’s supposed to, which is making us want to buy the clothes. Glitter and glamor is the theme and looking at the pictures you get sucked into the atmosphere where the clothes are meant to be worn. My spiderman senses are telling me that the women’s people will sell like crazy, especially after these campaign shots have flooded magazines and blogs. Still I'm doubtful that the collection will be as successful as HMs previous designer collabo. Clothes with animal patterns are often one-time-wear since they are bold but get old very quickly. It's the type of clothes which can't be rocked more than once and are far from timeless. Another problem is the pricing, Cavalli's collection for HM is not cheap. The dresses are priced at 80, 200 and 300 euro, not to mention the 80 euro belt for women. Not very cheap compared with Karl.L and V&Rs collections for HM.


Anonymous said...

I love to buy my dresses from Chadwick's and Brooks Brothers stores through