Look of the months: D&G FW 2007/2008

Thursday, 18 October 2007

D&G FW 2007/2008

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that H&M are selling fur hats for 10 euro. The bad news is that HM are selling fur hats for 10 euro. I have planned on wearing a fur hat this winter since February and was very tempted to buy a beige(there's also a black one) fur hat at H&M yesterday but didn't. I've decided to hold on to my money and search for a used one in second hand store.

I'm a bit torn since I want to be one of the very few people wearing a fur hat in Gothenburg this year. For my own sake I hope that HM won't be selling too many of them or else every 5th person will be wearing one this winter. That's always the case here in Sweden when ever there is a desirable item on sale at HM. But I'm confident that I will manage to find a cool vintage looking one in SH stores and perhaps put a cool badge on it like a USSR flag or something. As long as it looks different from the ones sold at HM I will be happy.

Regardless of how many will be rocking a fur hat this year it's a highly recommended item and like with all fashionable items some people full it off better than others. With a fur hat you'll look taller and very dominant. There's something powerful about wearing something big on your head like a crown or horns, why else would the moose be king of the forest if it wasn't for the big horns.

Add a little sprinkle of gold in the form of cuff links, watch or sneakers and you'll look as exquisite as a Russian female gold digger named Natasha. Fur hats go well together with trench coats, shiny shoes, leather gloves and black pieces in general. Extravaganza is what's it's about and a fur hat can spice up almost any elegant outfit. The cons of owning a fur hat is that you must have a hair style that is ”hat proof”. My hair style isn't and I would most likely have to use the comb I carry with me in my bag every time I would take the hat off. On the other hand it will be put to use during the days when I don't feel like fixing my hair up.


Ferm said...

Just like last year, D&G's FW collection is kickass! Too bad D&G is almost impossible to get hold of in southern Sweden.