Model of the month: Tyson Beckford

Thursday, 25 October 2007

The 90s were all about doing it big. Overexposures of celebs were major and a few of the 90s pop culture were Princess Diana, Chicago Bulls, Mike Tyson, Super Mario, Arnold Schwarzenegger Lamborghini Diablo, Carl Lewis and Donald Duck. A person who was constantly in the spot light was Tyson Beckford.

He and Fabio Lanzoni are more or less the only male super models that have ever existed. Tyson is an example of masculine excellence; he’s tall, has an athletic body and has well sculptured face. Guys want to be him and women are ready to sacrifice their shoe wardrobe for a night with him. Tyson simply has it all.

What has made him famous is his unique facial appearance but most importantly his eyes which he can thank his Chinese decent for. On the other hand he's is very different from today’s sissy top male models who have long hair and aren’t very muscular. But hey back in the 90s muscles was what women loved.

Having been raised in the hard knock ghettos of Bronx Tyson was a street thug just trying to get through life. Ironically he used to hang with people who sold drugs but now he works in fashion industry around people who use drugs. Like many of today’s models he was scouted in the streets. Shortly after that Tyson was introduced to Ralph Lauren who happily employed him as a model for a Polo sport campaign. Later on he worked for Calvin Klein and various brand. Bare in mind that this was before the era of male high fashion, so there weren’t too many male fashion jobs like there is today.

Now days Tyson is still at work making mad cash of his face. You might have seen him in movies like the Island, Shottas and in Britney Spears’ Toxic music video.


N R 1 2 6 said...

jävlar vilka muskler haha!

Nils said...

Isn't this the guy that was in Britneys video Toxic, riding a red Ducati?

Luwalira said...

Nils: That's the guy.

Ferm said...

Don't care about today's models. Imo this is what a man should look like. I wish I could lol:P

Anonymous said...

Fabio eeew gross I wouldn't consider him a supermodel. What about Marcus Schenkenberg or Mark Vanderloo? They were supermodels in the 90s.

I think Tyson Beckford is Hot.

But I prefer today's skinny male models I think the clothes looks better on them.

slayton491 said...

he was very good as a judge on Make Me A Supermodel US too!