Outfit of yesterday.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Crappy night out of Friday. I didn’t feel like drinking so I decided to be the designated driver. The pre-drinking at my friend’s apartment was a bit dull for since everyone was laughing, screaming and falling on the floor except me. Its funny how everyone who’s under the influence looks stupid and ridicules when you’re sober as priest. But I did take a sip of some chardonnay, just a little. Didn’t want to catch a DUI with a 23 days prison sentence following if you know what I mean.

Since I knew I wasn’t going to reach the peak of happiness without some substances pumping through my veins I decided to come through slick like a GQ editor. I might have been a little overdressed but that couldn’t bring me down except for the hair grease I saw this morning on my white shirt color. Either way the night out at the club sucked but thankfully I came in for free and didn’t spend a single coin at the club. Gotta love those free nights out.

“I don’t go to parties for the music, the drinks or the dance, I go to watch them watch me.” - Joe Budden


Escapist said...

I feel for you, since I don't drink I'm constantly the sober friend--I find my joy in all the compromising information I'm able to gather in relatively short stretches of time.

And nice outfit, really good play with patterns. Just the right amount of cuff, too.

Luwalira said...

I used to be very sober in the past but now days I drink until I get tipsy since I tend to have more fun then=)

I love playing with patterns and different fabrics. It makes you look more dynamic. Thanks for the compliment.

Prem said...

I never drinking in my life. I'm also thank for your advice to others for don't drinking. I'm also want to be your friend.


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