Prada is brand whoring.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Yawn! It’s time to turn back all the watches and clocks in the house hold an hour back. The only watch I have adjusted is the one I carry on my left wrist, I did it yesterday. So now I have to do the same with all the other 4 clocks we have in the house hold.

A watch I could never see on my wrist is the IWC for Prada watch. It’s not that it isn’t attractive or an excellent time piece but more that I’m a die hard IWC fan. Looking at the pictures of it I can’t feel anything else than disgust. The Prada logo does nothing positive for the watch since IWC so much higher up on the ladder than Prada. Further more Prada has collaborated with IWC for nothing but exposure just like what they did the LG phone and LG MP3-player. Luckily we won’t see many of these around since only 2 000 will be made for at 9 000 euro I my memory doesn’t fail me. At the end of the day my favorite watch is and will always be IWC Portuguese.

My future baby: IWC Portuguese


Daniel said...

Very good choise on the IWC Portuguese, it looks absolutely amazing!