Don't make me go medieval on your ass

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Time for some inspiration. This editorial is outstanding and you don’t often see good male editorials. The dirty mechanic/bold hitman look combined with the black/white photography gives the editorial a depth which makes you fall in love with it. What’s missing in the pictures is shoot gun in the lap of the dude sitting down and perhaps a rat on the floor.

All the clothes themselves and perfectly matched together and the outfits are absolutely flawless all though the guys obviously need to cover their upper bodies a bit more. I love the heavy duty boots which are low maintenance and can be worn without having to worry about keeping them clean. Great shoes to wear during the winter and autumn. Last month it even stroke me that I have 6 pair of shoes!! Can you believe that, 6 pair of shoes, I’m becoming a woman. This hasn’t happened beyond my conscious mind since I’ve never been a shoe whore or had any particular interest in shoes. On the other hand, the more shoes you wear the longer each pair last.