Model of the month: Agyness Deyn

Thursday, 29 November 2007

A model who has been highly popular this year is British Agyness Deyn. Through out the entire year she has been a catwalk favorite, mainly because of her short hair. None of the other top models have short hair like she does but they might not want to either. Short hair is equal too little versatility and in Agyness’s case she doesn’t have the sensual and typical feminine look like the other models she works with.

She doesn’t present the romantic look with evening dresses in the best way, and looks best in funky t-shirts, jeans and colourful clothes. And the way she looks in those types of clothes is the reason why she is popular. We love Agyness for her hip, cool and fresh looks straight from the MTV era. Modeling is all about standing out and that’s what she’s doing, she’s seizing the moment. Her style is unquestionably unique and lovable. On the other hand she’ll most likely not become a super model. I think she looks a little old(24 years old!) and her current funky look will be yesterday’s news in a matter of months. Unfortunately she’s a girl of the moment and not a girl of the future. I lovethe way she looks with longer hair though, hope she'll let it grow out soon.