More trouble for Britney.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Next in line to join the Britney Spear mob is fashion giant Louis Vuitton which slapped Britney with a law suit and won. Apparently LV isn’t too happy about the pink Hummer H2 with fake LV monogram upholstery, featured in the music video “Do something”. Naturally Britney isn’t responsible for the video and it’s her record label that will fork over €80 000 to LV for the violation. Not only that but the video has been, so you’ll most likely never see it on MTV again.

As a Hiphop/Rap fanatic I can assure you that Britney isn’t the first artist to feature products with fake LV monogram fabric in a music video. This law suit to be nothing but a witch hunt attach against Britney. I know of several rapper who have done the same thing as Britney but haven’t faced any lawsuits what so ever. So I find this to be rather peculiar. Now where is my “Leave Britney alone T-shirt”?


Bon Vivant said...

I think Louis Vuitton was worried that Britney's debauched image would bastardize their company's brand. They are probably cracking down after being called the "McDonalds of luxury" in Dana Thomas's "How Luxury Lost its luster."

Luwalira said...

But still, from a French snobb point of view Britney can't be worse than the rapper with grills in their mouth, guns and booty popin' women in their music video?

As for LV's brand image it's already tarnished because of all the knock offs. Their bags are for some as tacky as a Rolex. Hermes is on the rise of becoming the choice of those who think LV is too commercial.

I think I will have to get my hands on that book and read it. Thanks for the tip!