Look of the month: November

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2008

I recall watching a Boys II Men music video with my sister and mommy mocking the outfit the four amazing singers were wearing. They had on a pair of blue jeans, black blazer and a white shirt. We were wondering what the hell they were doing wearing a jeans together with a blazer, had they been smoking bad weed from Miami or what?? Back then that combination was as wrong as putting ketchup on vanilla ice cream.

Ten somewhat years later, the blazer is the most important piece in the wardrobe and is a must have for any man or woman. Therefore the outfit of the month is a tribute to the blazer. What has made me choose this Marc outfit is that with the use of primary colored shoes and tie the stylist has managed to create a proper, nerdy but yet hip and chic outfit. Everything is right about it, even the young American boy band hair cut.

The jeans + blazer works in all sorts of occasions depending on you wardrobe and creativity. A plain black one is the most versatile but I recommend also having one odd looking one made out of cotton or wood with stripes, that type of blazer tend to look less formal and is often more durable. What’s most important is that the blazer perfectly fits on your body. If it’s too large, especially in the waist, the whole look will be ruined.

For a relaxed look you wear sneakers, a striped shirt, wear the blazer unbuttoned. Going to a fancy dinner, date or party you might want to wear black jeans, white shirt, cuff links, pocket square. If you going to a job interview you a stripped blazer + plain shirt or vice versa and a tie is suitable. Posh or over fancy pieces should be avoided if invited to an interview. But in general the sky is the limits and there are infinite ways of creating a blazer + jeans outfit for the right occasion and with a personal touch as well.


The Nine said...

Well done mate! Couldn't do it better my self:P

I saw your older brother and mother just the other day at the local store "simmo"

I like the outfit so much that i just might copy it next time i'm hittin the club!

Anonymous said...

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