SS08: Z Zegna Men's wear

Monday, 26 November 2007

This year I came a cross an Ermenegildo Zegna store for the first time and stepped inside but ended up leaving it after 2 minutes. First of all I didn’t like that the stores had no people in it, leaving me and my buddy with 5 store assistance with their eyes on us. Secondly the store wasn’t very much different from the typical well sorted men’s store selling suits, ties, shirts, cufflinks, belts and a few accessories. Lastly the prices were off the roof. When I flipped over a tag attached to shirt to find out the price I silently said “oh shit”, $450 for a plain white shirt is way out of my league. On the other hand I knew that Zegna was high quality Italian tailor and didn’t expect their prices to be on the low side.

It seems like Zegna don’t find their fine reputation to be enough for them. They want to be respected and looked up on like the Armani and Valentino. Therefore they launched a new sister brand a few years ago named Z Zegna which targets the fashion crowd rather than wealthy sugar daddies with a tooth for expensive suits.

The 2007 fall collection wasn’t an eye brow raiser and was almost a yawn. Z Zegna has taken a 180 degree turn with their 2008 SS collection which is radically different from what any of the other fashionable tailors have shown to the world. Surprisingly the brand exhibits their collections during women’s NY fashion week instead of during Milano’s fashion week, quite odd if you ask me.

I instantly feel in love when I saw the first outfits and it only got better and better as I scrolled down the computer screen and saw the rest of the outfits. This one is a home run and shows that Z Zegna in going in the right direction. Grace Jones is the name that can be used to describe the style of this collection. The style and execution is simple but yet bold and avantgarde. Z Zegna is one brand to look out for in the near future.


MC Hammer shorts

Gladiator sandals

Everything else


Capri pants for men? No thanks, too feminine.

Grade: 5/5 Bravissimo!


fashionholic said...

capri pant son men!! NO thanks!! so true!!! snygg kollektion..

Luwalira said...

Erkänn underbar kollektion? Capri brallorna skulle aldrig gå hem på Avenyn sommaren 2008=P