Street style frenzy!

Monday, 19 November 2007

While hustling on eBay for a Microsoft Zune 80 last night my boredom directed me to various blogs with outfits from the streets. Although I didn't see anything out of the ordinary I liked some more than others. Especially the outfit you see below. The lady above looks like my ex-psychology professor who was a 60-70 years old woman who was quite hip, had a young state of mind and loved dressing up.

One of my discoveries is the way the French women differ from the Sweds. What I noticed is that the French dress very..............*make a guess*...........French! I know that sounds a bit weird, but it's a bit difficult to explain. Their style is quite late 80s/early 90s influenced with boxy clothes, over size, dark colours and pleats. It's very avantgarde and does reflect the designs of the big French fashion houses like Lanvin, Chloe and K.Lagerfeldt. Short hair is also is typical of French women. Unlike women from other Western nations they have the balls to wear short hair cuts. I'm a fan of short hair cuts on women, some women look amazing in short hair. The young lady below is a symbol of French fashion, it's individual, mature and seductive.

Next in line is an outfit which might not look like much to some of you but I find it to be brilliant. She clearly followed the golden rule of wearing plain and simple trouser or skirt if you're dressed in a fancy top/jacket. By wearing a short colorful jacket, black jeans and high heels she has accentuated her long legs and slender body to the max. The pony tail and noble body posture further adds to the much attractive look. Totally amazing.

I've never seen someone wear a wing collared shirt by itself without a bow tie. Neither do I believe that many would be able to pull it off like the neat looking fella below. He looks like one of them educated alcoholics who love wine, and enjoy eating oysters on the last Thursday of every month together with Andrew and Edward. You know, the type that collects stamps and think democracy sucks. Regardless of what his interests and hobbies are his appearance is very sophisticated. Big thumb up from me.


zeddik said...

It's always exciting to check out these street style blogs.. There are really a lot of amazing outfits. Love it :)

I'm from Denmark, so my favorite is of course: ! Amazing site :)

Anonymous said...

this isnt your pic its scott's. u be original