Victoria's Secret Show 2007.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

After the commemoration of the birth of Christ and new years celebration, the annual Victoria’s secret show is probably the third biggest event in winter. Like always we sitting in front of the telly letting our eyes and minds get sucked into a world of gorgeous women dressed in teasing outfits, which can make married fathers wish they were young and single again.

This year’s show seen no different and took place on Thursday this week. Heidi Klum couldn’t participate on the runway last year because had taken delivery of her child but this year she’s back. He’s black and he’s back too, and obviously it’s Seal I’m talking about. Along with Klum he sang a song and even had a solo performance of his own. The Spice Girls have also had the privilege of performing at the show which you can imagine is very beneficial for their comeback. Kanye West was schedule to perform but didn't, most likely because he is still greeving for his mother who died earlier this week. from Black Eyed Peas was on the other han quick to fill his spot.

A model I’m surprised to see this year is dark skinned and light green eyed French model/actor Noémie Lenoir, who played in Rush Hour 3. Me + her + hotel room + honey + redbull = magic.

Worth mentioning as well is that VS have also received their own star on the walk of fame. This year’s show will be aired in the US on the 4th December and will one or two days after that be available for illegal download on the internet. Until then let the Neanderthal inside you enlighten itself with these high resolution images.


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