All I want for Christmas.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Christmas is around the corner and everyone’s addiction to retail is sky high. Although I don’t get caught up in the frenzy I do have some materialistic cravings this year, so here’s my little list:


I have had the eyes on these boots for quite sometime and I want them, but my wallet doesn’t allow me.


Chocolate is love and regardless if it’s Christmas or your birthday a box of chocolate always makes you smile………..unless you’re allergic to nuts, which luckily I’m not. A Swedish manufacturer has taken chocolate gifts a step further by allowing customers to choose a 28 character message they might want to tell their loved ones. You can always use it to write “Please return my Minority Report”. For full seduction give away a box of chocolate and a copy of Michael Bolton’s Time, Love & Tenderness, I have a copy here at home, fantastic album.


I suffer from photofobia and don’t like taking picture, and have in fact never owned my very own camera. Lately I have felt that I time for me to buy one and start capturing moments in life. Naturally I want a sleek top of the line Cannon IXUS but they cost more than I’m willing to spend on a camera so I will have to settle for a cheaper cannon model when it’s time to a camera next month.

The O.C

Earlier this year my favorite TV series of all times came to an end. I haven’t watched season 1 in two years and feel like watching it again. Season one is by far the best thing I’ve ever watched on TV and anyone who haven’t watched it should get their hands on the box ASAP, and perhaps buy me a box too.

Bond no. 9

If you fail to figure out what to buy someone for Christmas fragrances are generally the best last resort since manufacturers bundle them up with deodorants or moisturizers and stuff them inside very attractive boxes right before Christmas.

But buying someone fragrance can be a bit impersonal if you just grab a Boss Emotion or Gucci Envy Me off the shelves. Bond no.9 fragrances are the cocaine of fragrances. When I smelled a bunch of their products last week the chair I was close to levitating off my chair. For the first time I felt my nostrils tingling or joy and enlightenment. Never before have I felt such passion and artistic perfection in fragrances.

The force in the products is impeccable, one can smell the care and dedication behind the work. More or less all fragrances in your typical department store smells good but the ones from Bond no.9 has character, a purpose and their own distinctive smell. These guys really know what they are doing, and my favorites are Andy Warhol Silver Factory, Bond no 9’s West Side, Wall Street and Bond no 9’s Hamptons.


Allow me to let you in on my little secret; I’m on a mission to buy my first Porsche before the age of 30. Yes, yes, senior moi is a Porsche fanatic, and even have a gigantic poster of a Porsche 997 Carrera hanging on the wall adjacent to my bed.

So, naturally a product with a Porsche badge on it will make me do cartwheels(very bad ones). The gang of products you see above is what your Porsche dealer might give if you order a 911 Turbo. With that being said, you can guess that I won’t be getting my hands on the merchandise unless I’m ordering a Porsche or willing to pay for the merchandise in cash. Porsche is das besser automobile.


Kemal Atatürk's bedtime said...

Who are those boots by?

They're fuk'n amazing looking.

Luwalira said...

The Boots are by Bobbie Burns =)

giancinephile said...

yeah huh! Porsches are really something.

hey! is it okay if I link you? There aren't so many blogs about men's fashion so I'm thinking yours is a good addition. :)