Beckham fans rejoice.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Armani is first company to ride on the Beckham publicity wave in American. The Italian fashion giant has hired the exceedingly overpaid soccer player to be their new under wear boy. In the beginning of next year they will infest the US with billboards and ads of Beckham. Don’t ask me what’s stuffed under the briefs but my guess is that it’s either play dough, sponge ball or a young hamster.


Ferm said...

Actually I don't think they're stuffed with anything. My experience with Armani underwear is that they're made for seven year old boys ding dongs, but fit twenty year old asses.
Not recommended at least.

Luwalira said...

Haha so they are tight, I tend to prefer tight underwear over loosely fitted ones. Have never worn Armani undies though, I prefer cheap ones sold at HM=)

Overpriced Designer Man Bag said...

Vicky claims he wasn't stuffed. Either way, the ad is HOT!