The empty days of an Athiest.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

I bet you are all eating ginger bread now while tossing a piece of ham to the dog. Me, I’m doing none of that because I’m an atheist and don’t celebrate the birth of Christ. Christmas tend to be rather boring for me since the world is practically at a standstill. All my friends are home with their families, the gym as well as all stores are closed and TV is a bore.

Luckily I have downloaded all seasons of Sex and the City except for the third one, and they will help me accelerate the time this evening. So far I have watched 9 episodes and can officially say that I’m an addict. Like I had anticipated the show revolves around sex, shoes and alcohol, but most importantly sex. It that first TV-series or movie I have ever seen which depicts sexual relationships, it’s very entertaining to say the least. Even though most of what is seen in the series is a bit exaggerated, you can actually relate to some it depending on your experience in the field of love and sex.

If I want to enlarge my bank of knowledge I turn to podcasts. Ever since I bought my Microsoft Zune 80 three weeks ago, I have become a podcast junkie. I download most of my material from iTunes since it has the biggest and most organized library of podcasts. Video podcasts are what I tend to download since I want visual input as well. There is good material out there for everyone. My favorite types of podcasts are those that are fashion, gadget, marketing/investment and news related. has a very watch worthy podcast which you guys should check out.

Now days I always finish the day off by watching podcasts on my Zune 80 in bed before I fall asleep, it very cozy. Thankfully the Zune has a Podcast section where all the podcasts automatically end up separated in two audio and video podcasts colums, in other words I don’t have to dig for them through all my songs. I love my Zune 80 and it feels exhilarating using something different than an iPod. The sound quality is phenomenal with my Shure e2c ear buds, every song I play sounds exhilarating and the no matter how much I turn up the volume the sound never distorts, the quality is very high-end. Never before have I experienced such audio perfection on a portable device. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, I don’t miss my iPod Photo at all. On Wednesday my sister will be retuning California with a Zune A/V-cable so that I can play and view all the content on my Zune on a TV, it sports a 480p output meaning that I can DVD-quality like images on the telly. Enough with the gibberish now, here’s a shot of my zune with it’s new desktop background.

Happy holidays!!