Happy travel.

Friday, 7 December 2007

There hasn’t been any noise coming from the dynamic duo Victor & Rolf since their pandemonium created when they hooked up with HM. Nevertheless they have found a new partner, Samsonite, you know the manufacturer which sell suit cases and travel bags in close to every single airport?

Samsonite feels that suit cases are impersonal and have hired V&R to design a line of laptop bags, weekend bags, messenger bags, cosmetic pouch and suit cases with a little more flair than their main line. “Happy travel” is the chosen name for the line which will make appearance fall 2008 and debut in the stores in 2009. I'm a cheap bastard and not like paying for than 50 euro for a suit case and will therefore have no interest in "happy travel" since Samsonite products are already out of my league.