HM: SS08

Monday, 10 December 2007

After Christmas the sale frenzy will begin, clearing out all the clothes in the store to make space for the SS08 fashion. H&M wants to gets the flowers in our souls longing for spring and issued their SS campaigns shots a week ago.

Most of the stuff is plain and dull like always except for one or two pieces. Following the fashion trend from the SS08 shows HM will be offering the fashionable gray trousers which ends right above the ankle, they are so perfect to wear with coloured socks. The black windbreaker looks like a comfortable and inexpensive purchase too, and if both the jacket and trousers are just as stylish looking in real life I will scoop both of them up.

I glad HM are willing to rip designers off, slightly over sized thin parkas have been very popular here in Sweden through out the year. Most of them have been too pricey for a summer jacket, but if I know HM right they will be selling the parkas for less than 60 euro. If you’re an eccentric person and little more courageous then me, you might interested in the latex S&M biker jacket.


Lynn & Horst said...

i totally agree with you,

the grey trousers seem to be very nice, so the white nylon parka.

and the first female style is convincing too.

a kiss

Luwalira said...

I find the outfit worn by the woman cute, which is why I included it in the entry=)

Anonymous said...

where did you find the images?