Look of the month: December

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Z Zegna S/S 08

For some people New Years Eve is THE night of the year and must be spectacular, and even if it doesn’t turn out to be earth shattering, they’ll magnify it all when they fill their friends about the night. I believe that new years eve can be amazing but a random night out with new gang of fun and dance floor loving people can just as great, if not even better. Either way black is what is to be worn on New Years Eve.

Black is not only the colour of Xbox 360 Elite but the symbol of death and evil which the forces of fear. What we fear we respect, and respect is power and authority. Regardless if your going to a pop champagne bottles in an exclusive inner city apartment at new years eve or joining some friends out eating fine sushi, black on black dressing work for any function or festivities where everybody is going to be shining and looking fly.

The most simple and sophisticated outfit involves a suit, shoes off course, an elegant belt and a shirt with the two top buttons unbuttoned. That’s the ideal black on black outfit and works wonders for every man out there regardless of appearance, size and height, everybody looks good black. Adding pieces like ties, scarves or a trench coat on the body and you’ll look like the undertaker or like a Russian mobster ready to throw a tied up man into the boot of a black S-class. Several layers of black pieces can be worn without giving people the impression that you are in mourning if you break it up with accessories of metal, brown or gray shades since they are best at balancing an outfit while maintaining a stealthy look.

Material choice are very important too since black is a colour is fully exposes the texture of any material, especially if they clothes are of bad quality and worn out. Suits and shirt of a shimmering and slight shiny material look best, while cheap cotton and polyester will make you look an underpaid body guard. The better the material is, the more exclusive you look. Lastly, everybody knows that black conducts heat like a solar panel and therefore wearing black on a hot summer day will makes you look as cool as Tom Cruise dancing to hip hop at TRL.