Sex and the City: The Movie

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Sex and the City has long been a popular TV-show amongst trendy metropolitan women. In 2004 the last episode was broadcasted and next year the show will make a comeback, on the movie screen or on torrent sites for us Captain Sparrow-like pirates who prefer bootlegging.

30 May 2008 is the date to mark on your leather coated personal organizers for those longing for a sweet summer flick. Yesterday I was, as a car nut, thrilled to see these images because they show the new Mercedes GLK which is due to be launched in a matter of 1 or 2 weeks.

Mercedes’s marketing team is hungry for increased sales and nothing is more exciting than product placement. SUV are in general very popular amongst women and we all know that white is the new black, so the car is fully targeted to the image conscious, Starbucks coffee drinking, macbook owning, young and successful people who want a chic(don’t like using that word) and edgy car. BTW, have any of you guys watched the show, is all about golden double headed dildos, cosmo drinks and Jimmy Choo? Because I feel a little caught by in the pre-hype of the movie and I’m tempted to start watching it. Or do you think that the show is for girls and sissy boys only, and that I should stick the overly manly Entourage?

The pictures are from movie scene shot at Rodeo Drive and it’s one very beautiful street which is paradise compared with all the other rather underdeveloped and slightly dirty looking streets in the LA area. It LA equivalent to London’s Bond street, very posh with almost nothing but flagship stores lined up along the street. Paparazzi are constantly there on the look out for celebs shopping because this more or less the one and only place to shop in LA if you want fine European clothing. He was very sincere and let me take snap a shot of him and one of me and him.

Me and my friends were happy to bump into Andre Leon Talley who was only recognized and noted by me. No one else on the street knew who he was and if also need some help placing him, I can tell you that he’s a top editor at Vogue US. I snapped I picture of him posing with the LV boxes and got a chance to exchange a few words with him even though he was busy getting photographed for the Oscars. His side as astonishing, I’m 180cm and weigh 75kg but standing next to him I felt like Jennifer Love Hewitt standing next to The Rock. Andre is a very big person, not fat but big. I read some where that he’s a little over 2 meter which seems like it because he did make feel small.


Lucio said...

I read vogue each month and I read styfaxer too. I love it.

Dhon Jason said...

I miss Samantha Jones. LOL

Anonymous said...

SATC could actually be quite watchable even for the average dude since the stuff's written by guys anyway. Lotsa witty banter between the ladies at their routine coffeeshop scenes. A female equivalent of Vince Chase & co at Coffee Bean, if you will!

Luwalira said...

I guess I'll have to download the first episodes and check it out=)

ysljunkie08 said...

andre is soo great! I bet he like walking the street