Sex, weed and champagne.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Barely any of my friends wear anything on their heads and these 70s inspired shots make me want to run to the nearest second hand store and buy a bandana. The last time I wore one was in 1996 when 2pac, Warren G and all the other cool rappers wore bandanas. Since I’m not an emo or undertaker I can do without the rings with skulls on but I could see myself wearing similar dark and evil looking accessories like the “$100 dollar a barrel” necklace.

When I sleep I wear a du-rag to protect my pillow from the oily products in my hair. Perhaps I should invest in a cool looking head scarf and walk around like a messiah and marijuana lobbyist? As a cream on top I’ll let you rest your eyes on these stunning outfits from an editorial in this month’s issue Nuovo. Don’t they make you want to bring the 70s back?? I love the colours, patterns, accessories and the makeup. Lively but glamorous!


Lynn & Horst said...

the style of the first pic is great,
bandanas are a must, even that i hate these fashion paradigms...
but that's the game, and that's the fun!