Women's AW07/08

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Sure most magazines have since several weeks ago laid down their comments of the women's AW07/08 collections and that I'm way little late, but hey better late then never. Women's collection beats men's collection by far, with their wide variety of short skirts, long skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts and styles, no to mention haute couture women's fashion have always been more interesting and have attracted larger crowds.
The number of high fashion women AW07/08 collections are about 2-3 times as many as the men's and great number of them of fabulous. Picking out the three best collections is almost impossible and therefor I have decided to list three of my favorite ones.

Celine's contribution is a very luxurious looking collection with it's silk materials and elegant pieces. It is all very Posh and remind me of those 35-50 years old tanned women I encounter once in while with their LV monogram bags. Most of the time they glow looking very wealthy, smell expensive perfume and drive a Porsche Cayenne Turbo which has been paid for by their husband. Gold digger and very self conscious inspired collection but it's great, isn't it?


At the opposite side of the Celine's collection we have Balenciaga with their youthful collection. It is a mix of several colors and garments from different cultures. I'm a big fan of colors and I think Balenciaga has done a great job standing out in the crowd with a living and playful collection.


Christian Dior
Last but not least is the creation of John Galliano aka king of haute couture. You simply can't discuss AW07/08 without mentioning the Dior. Galliano is truly a master at creating dresses and this time he has focused on contrasting colors. The overall style of the dresses is glamor and red carpet, very first class. Further more variation is not a problem at all, the collection offers dresses of different materials and style, absolutely nothing to complain about. Galliano, you are amazing!!


Not mentioned, but certainly not forgotten Moschino and Chloe.


Hedi + Dior Homme = Break up

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Breaking news!! Although rumors have been circulating in several weeks it has apparently come to the surface that Hedi Slimane is leaving Dior. As a matter of fact Dior is showing him the door and LHMV and Dior will make it official in a few days.
Coming from directly from the horse mouth it seem like Hedi and Dior are in a dispute over his contract renewal and Hedi's requests have been said to be too demanding. It it sort of like the same conflict Tom Ford and Gucci had. I'm actually in chock and never believed that the rumors were true.

I guess Dior don't find Hedi to be too important after all. Him leaving the brand is both good and band. The good is that Dior can acquire a designer who is more versatile. Sure Hedi's style was cool and unique but like I mentioned in my previous entry he has a big problem with versatility. A big name like Dior simply can't afford to put their name on a designer's collections which are almost indistinguishable. The bad side of this is that Dior Homme is loosing a part of itself, Hedi and the name Dior Homme goes hand in hand.

So what now? Hedi Slimane will probably start and his own line and currently there isn't any information about what fashion house he is going to work for. As for the replacement there are strong speculation that Kris Van Assche is taking over after Mr. Slimane. That all there is for now and I'm pretty sure we will be hearing more about this story in the coming weeks.


Darkness is spreading.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A few years ago people only associated Dior with women’s wear but he changed it. He is what Tom Ford was for Gucci, what Marc Jacobs is for Louis Vuttion, his name is Hedi Slimane. If you haven’t heard of him then you better recognize because he is a rising star.

The photographer, album cover, store and furniture designer has redefined Dior and revolutionized the world of men’s clothing. His signature is very slim shaped clothes with a touch of femininity. Further more Hedi is known for using unhealthily thin models which celebs like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan probably envy.

My favorite DH collection is the SS05 which featured a great amount of what’s in the DH stores today like the D-point belt and the “Brut” Denim jeans. The collection is his most “mainstream” one up to date, meaning that it is very uncontroversial and consist mostly of thing which you wear on the streets without getting stared at.

After the widely appreciated SS05 collection, the true design of Hedi came forward. Almost all his collection now days feature dark dark outfits with some exceptions where there are splash of a bright colour. The style and mood of DH collections tend to be very inspired by punk and medieval times. Hedi who is a good friend of the beloved and drug free Pete Doherty worked at YSL prior to moving over to Dior in the year 2000.

Personally I’m interested to see what Hedi has planned for the future of DH. His designs are great but some garments are too eccentric but my biggest with him is versatility. His 4 latest collections are almost identical and in the fashion industry people want to see new designs and a monotonic style will get you to the bottom pretty quick. So Hedi, if you are reading this, please surprise us with a revolutionary SS08 collection. Nonetheless I think he is a great designer with lots of potential.


Look of the month: March

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Lanvin AW0708

Pictures courtesy of Marcio Madeira/GQstyle.com

March can be an irritating month in countries with distinct seasons. March is very much a transitional month where we say good by to winter and hello to Spring. Since it basically is in between two seasons the weather can vary a lot from day to day. One day it's too warm to wear a winter jacket and during the next day it can too cold to wear a summer jacket.
The perfect outer wear for March is a trench coat, its light but cover the body properly. My favourite look for spring is an outfit from Lanvin's AW0708 collection. It can be very easily imitated by getting hold of a cheap trench coat, plain white converse shoes and some chinos with good fit. You should be able to find all three items for less than a total of €300 which actually isn't that much. After that it is just a matter of mixing the items with what you've already got at home.

Key garments:

  • Light coloured trench coat
  • High top sneakers
  • Chinos


Hottest right now.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

It isn’t Adriana and neither is it Gisele. The mystery model is Freja Baha Erichsen. There are very few of the 07-08F/W runway shows which haven't featured my favourite model Freja Beha. The beautiful 19 years old Danish model have featured, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Sonia Rykiel and countless other shows.

Pictures courtesy of Mercio Medeira

Freja's most spectacular appearens is without a doubt in Gucci's breathtaking SS07 campaign, which is the most beautiful campaign I have seen in years. It's so sensual, warming and full of harmony.


Worst face on a front cover this quater?

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Just when you thought he was out of the spot light for good he reappears. Your favourite crack addict and blood-squirter-at-camera-after-injecting heroin is proudly featured of the front cover of April’s issue of French Vogue. The blood bastard is as you might know also dating the short and well known Kate Moss. Who knew that drug addiction can bring to many good things in life? I didn’t. Now where is the number to the dealer in my neighbourhood?


Justice has been served.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Picture courtesy of Associated Press

Long time super model Naomi Campbell is finally getting a taste of the American justice system and gets to pay for her evil habitual tossing of cell phones. In the first month of the year she was sentenced to 5 days community service for cold heartedly throwing a thick Blackberry phone at her maid.

On Monday the 19 of January the supreme diva arrived at sanitary garage in the dark, dark city of NYC to rock the mop and broom. Judging by Miss. Campbell rather tasteful army inspired outfit, high heel boots and the fact that she had a maid, suggest that she probably isn’t going to do great job getting the floor clean. Then again having to be in a filthy sanitary is probably agonising enough for her. Hopefully she will think twice next time she want to express her anger in the form of throwing gadgets at other peoples’ heads. For the sake of people around her I hope that she won’t get hold of the iPhone, because getting that heavy PDA/phone in the head will probably hurt a bit.

Picture courtesy of Associated Press


Bags, bags, bags.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

You have probably read about it and so have I, the new bag carrying trend. Unfortunately I’m not going to spare you eyes, I feel that I have to jump on the wagon myself and explain what I feel about male bags.

Since the first cave man ever threw his first rock at rabbit men have not been walking around with a bag dangling from their right hand or shoulder. That’s pretty understandable. Unlike women we don’t have the need to carry with us 2 kilos of unnecessary stuff every time we leave home. Most dudes only takes their keys, cell phone, wallet and in some cases mp3players when walk out the door, and it all fits perfectly into their pockets. So the conclusion is that we men don’t need bags!!

Oh, I think I’ll take the last sentence back thank you. We do actually need bags. Next time your out doors take a look at the pockets of a man walking towards you, and what will you see? Bulging pockets! And it looks awful doesn't it?. Not only does it ruins the shape of your clothes but makes you feel uncomfortable, not to mention make you look less proper. Despite that I’m not going to recommend you to drag around a bag all day for the rest of your live. We all know how tiresome it is to even carry a small plastic bag for several hours, as a matter of fact the idea of fact having to carry anything at all is annoying. Therefore my recommendation is to get yourself a city bag aka a small messenger bag.

I call them city bags because they a small and light enough to carry with you on your pre-salary week window shopping. You simply let it hang across your body and you can walk around how much you want without being bothered in any way. Bear in mind though that city bags come in all different sizes. The smallest type one is a pouch and swallows nothing more than your cell phone, wallet, an iPod G5 and other tiny things you might have in your pockets like condoms. In my opinion this is the bag for the majority of the guys out there. Tiny, often inexpensive and does simply does the job.

Then we there is the proper city bag which has a foot print of an A4 paper. This type of bag suits those who carry novels, telescope umbrellas, hats and lotion bottles, simply things which you can’t carry in your pockets.

Lastly the world of fashion has recently introduced the male purse. If you are a trend whore than a male purse is something for you, but be warned, you might get strange stares with it, especially if you wear it with a kilt. There is no way to defend yourself if you get angry after getting laughed at. People around you will just say “You know where you got that bag from, and it damn sure wasn’t from the men’s department.” Carrying a male purse is a bit over the top if you ask me, the world isn’t ready for it yet.