Friday, 27 April 2007

I’m probably not the only guy in our galaxy who love the sight of a well shaped promiscuous girl wearing leggings in combination with some t-shirt/dress hybrid. Leggings give girls a chance to show off their sexy legs leaving plenty for us guys to fantasies about while at the same time not looking sleazy as Katie Price aka Jordan.

Off course some girls look hotter in leggings and t-shirt than others but the majority of them have one thing in common, and that is that they all dress almost identically. To go even further I would go as far as saying that girls are in general trend whores. When a new trend hits the city they jump up on it and ride it until it is dead. I don’t know about the rest of the world but this is the case in Sweden where you don’t need to read a women’s fashion magazine to know about the current trends. Just stand in the middle of one of the bigger cities and after 10 minutes you will know what’s up.

My criticism in general to the opposite sex is that many girls know how to dress but they lack individuality. I have female friends who I have seen scanning other girl from head to toe in an disturbing way like most girls do, but then to go off and buy the same top at H&M. The Moschino outfit at the top is a great example how a girl can make leggings look chic and classy at the same time.

I’m a pretty particular and hard headed fasionista meaning that I almost never follow trends. The only types of trends I follow are new design movements in fashion which are here to stay. I highly value individuality and hate the thought of dressing the same way as a quarter of the guys in my city. My aim is always to look unique and somehow it happens by itself. Some how all the clothes I buy always manage to mix well with the rest of my wardrobe. Still I have a confession to make. Back in the days, 3-4 years ago, I was an in-closet Beckham trend and ended up jumping on the light-coloured-and-trashed jeans. Looking back I’m pretty ashamed of it but lets face it, all trend are hated when they have died off like the Von Dutch trucker caps Aston Kutcher and Paris Hilton rocked 24/7 in 2004. Do I discourage you from following trends? No I don’t but if you do try to give the whole a personal and unique touch.


Desirable Diary.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Although I'm a blogger who enjoy getting thoughts and feelings off my mind I'm by no means a diary type of person. Still that doesn't stop me from day dreaming about sliding down Smythson Fashion Diary designed by Giambattista Valli down in my city bag.

Inside the diary there are shopping guides, addresses to store (Accessories, clothes, jewelry, you name it) , places to eat, accommodations and even map. All of that for the fashion capitals of the world New York, London, Paris and Milano. The diary comes in a nice blue box and is covered in lace tulle and toile which are materials I know crap about, but which does sound exotic. Then again those are the type of materials one would expect on a diary with a $331 price tag. And the answer is yes, the diary does come with tons of empty pages for writing down any dirty and naughty thoughts.


The street is your runway.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

What does PS3, Lexus IS 250 Sport and sushi in common? I dig them and they are all from Japan!!! What's increased my love for Japan even more is their street fashion. Street fashion sites are popping up everywhere but none of them are as interesting as those showing Japanese street fashion.

The japs(if I may call them that) are so damn creative. It is almost like there is a battle on the streets going on over who can pull out the craziest outfit. Nobody seems to be walking in someone else's footsteps. That's something unique about them and I have yet to find another nation with the same fashion culture.

Wanna see more? Visit


Heather Marks.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Finally I’m back from the half dead, almost food poisoned myself and to warm myself up I’m introducing you to Heather Marks which is my model of the month.

If you haven’t heard of her before you brain is probably going to in print her adorable 18 years old doll face in your memory. Her face is so cute it makes the sugar in my coffee taste sour. Miss Marks is Canadian and is one of the biggest models out there right now, thanks to her big blue eyes. Pure marriage material


1 Week break

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Been very busy the latest days and won't be posting again until Friday.


He is back!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Tom Ford, eyewear, SS08

Just like the return of 2Pac the comeback of former Gucci designer Tom Ford has been anticipated by many. Sure his sun glass collection has been around for a while but now he is back doing what we want him to do, which is design clothes.

He has kicked off his comeback by opening up his first on store on Madison avenue and during the opening on early last week a handful of New York top dogs stopped by for the launch party. Most creative in the bunch must be Mr. Bad Boy aka Sean Combs who were ironic enough to dress up in Gucci track suit.

Tom Ford, eyewear, SS08

I consider the store to be very tastefully decorated and with a blend of contemporary and baroque interior décor it is pretty clear that Tom Ford hasn’t lost his fashion sense. So what’s inside it? Well to begin with, your lifesavings will get you a made-to-measure suit which will set you back a cool $5 000. As for the broke ass Tom Ford fans out there like me, we will have to find a way to convince ourselves to pay up $75 for a pair of socks.

Tom Ford, eyewear, SS08

As a matter of fact Tom’s target market are people who buy 20 made-to-measure suits a year………….so I do feel a little let down by his comeback. The private fitting rooms, butlers and maid in the store further points out that Tom Ford’s ready to wear collection is not for the average Joe.

Tom Ford, mens wear eyewear, SS08

Despite the high prices I think he has done a great job with the suits. Lets face it, there aren’t many way one can make a suit look much different than another one but he has managed to do a good job making his suits interesting. The whole look of the models, suits and interior of the store reminds me of the filthy rich Wall Street stock brokers and the whole look is very 1920-ish. To scare you guys off even more, the cheapest shoes available are pried at $1 100 and take a few weeks to manufacture. It seem like Tom has been involved in every single detail concerning his brand and that high quality, good fit and craftsmanship are things he highly values. What I’m waiting for now is to find out if he still have the skills to create a runway collection. SS08? Bring it on Tom!

Tom Ford, mens wear eyewear, SS08


From the runway to the street.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

There aren't that many things you can do in the world of fashion which increases your street cred of make you penis a few millimeters longer than rocking a piece from a run way show. Clothes from the run way shows are often only sold in Paris, London NY and Milano, come at astronomical prices are often impulse expenditures since you really can't plan to buy something you don't know exist. Celebs are the main buyers since they can afford to drop several hundreds of euros on something they fell in love with at first site.

Still the most important reason for buying a runway piece is because they are so exclusive. Within a 100 000 kilometer radius you might be the one with a specific piece. In some cases it is pretty understandable because I've seen some run way pieces that the majority of the living creatures on this earth wouldn't want to wear. The fella below here is an example of a loaded Dior fan boy who happen to fall in love with the wrong shoes. Although some stuff might look like a piece of art on the runway, they will make you look ridiculous twink on the street. And hooking them up with a pair of latex looking trousers and an intergalactic looking trench coat doesn't make thing better.


Internet Phenomenon.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The reason why we all love internet and reality TV is because they give a chance to see how different people far far away are like. And the person I'll will mention is this entry is no exception. Ladies and gentlemen, chicken and mammals, I introduce to you all the fashion internet phenomenon Bryan Boy.
He is a fashion fanatic just like me and is also very gay by which ever definition you choose. Judging my the Hermés Togo Birkin bag and the Dior in the picture above he does have a bit more money to spend on clothes than the average window shopping fashion whore.

So who is he? Well he is a random dude and from the impression I have of him, he is just a globetrotter that seem to enjoying life. I'm a bit worried about Bryan though, he seem to be following the I-want-to-be-skinny-as-lamp post Hollywood trend. The last time I visited his blog which was one and a half years ago, he has more meat on his body than what he has now. Hopefully he won't follow in Nichole Richie's foot steps.

What I admire about Bryan is that they he say exactly what he feels and is quite vulgar at times but in a funny way, kind of reminding myself of me. Off course some opinions are better of held for yourself but in general I think that more people should have the courage to speak their minds but most importantly not be afraid or embarrassed of who they really are. Now that I have feed you with some philosophical go and check out his blog at He is one hell of a character.


The perfect spring sneakers.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

My lovely all white Zara sneakers are starting to wear out and I think I better start planning my next sneaker purchase. Being the materialist I am, Lanvin and Ann Demeulemeester's High top sneakers have been at the top of my list. Unfortunately I was heart broken when I found that they they are in the 500 euro price range. That really puts them in a league of their own and there is no way that I'll ever pay that much money for a pair of sneakers.

Thankfully I have found something which is ten times cheaper and that is Converse Chuck Tailor Leather high-tops. I'm totally in love with them. Although converse sneakers are very main stream, very few people walk around in the leather ones. What I great about them is that they are completely white, clean and minimalistic shoes is the only way for me to go. Further more the they are so discrete that from a distance very few will be able to tell that they are Converse. Lastly the leather material is a lot easier to keep clean than cotton. You simply wipe the dirt off rather than having to toss the shoes inside a washing machine.


Happy Easter.

Friday, 6 April 2007

Easter is around the corner, and it all feels like Christmas again. Stores selling decoration, have their so called "Easter specials" trying to suck you wallet dry as a gingerbread. Either way, don't care about that, just keep on painting your hard boiled easter eggs.
Unless you are going to dress up like a scarecrow or a witch this weekend you better get into character and dress colorful. The majority of buys out there seem to be scared of colours. Sure one doesn't want to be as brightly dressed as Ronald MacDonald but some sprinkle of colour here and there lightens up your day and your aura. Not that many can master the art of colours and it does take a good eye and fashion sense too put together a colourful but tasteful outfit at the same time.

The colour n00b better start off with colourful accessories to avoid the risk embarrassment from a hideous combo involving colour like chicken yellow and Shrek-green. The safest colours to combine are blue, red and white, they tasteful and always look great together. If you're wearing a boring black and white outfit you can easily spice it up with some colourful socks, scarfs, bow ties and pocket scars. For a successful Easter you really devoted fashion freaks should go over the top and paint eggs which match with your outfit. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating eggs though. I hate the sight of egg yolk getting stuck between teeth.

I wish you all a great Easter holiday.


HM presents COS

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Happen to have lived in a dark cage with a silver back gorilla the latest three months? If the answer is yes I hope you had a good time and I’m happy to inform you that HM has launched a new brand called Collection Of Style.

For starters the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are the lucky nations to get COS stores. We others will just to watch, stand by and hopefully COS will be successful enough for H&M to expend the brand and open up stores in more countries

What COS is all about is offering clothes with classic design, all at prices around 30-50% more than their equivalent in HM stores. People who want good quality with good fit are the ones H&M are aiming at with their COS brand. I think it’s a great idea. HM is a great company but I haven’t bought anything from them in several months since I find the quality of their clothes to be lacking. It’s not like HM clothes break or anything like that. My problem is that they lose their fit and look awful after around 5 washes. Therefore I hope the COS clothes are worth the extra dough.

As for the style of their clothes the outfits in their runway show weren’t too exciting but I find some of the female outfits to be very beautiful and timeless. I do like some of the men’s trousers and blazers. It’s going to be interesting to follow COS during the year, and who knows, HM might even end up hiring a high fashion designer for the brand. At least that’s what I hope.


Look of the month: April

Monday, 2 April 2007

Perry Ellis SS05

Pictures courtesy of Marcio Madeira/

Ahhh You love the sound too, don't you, the sound of spring. April is the official months spring month, this is when flowers starts popping up, people becoming more polite and nicer to one another. It is also during spring when you should toss your winter jacket into the attic and cellar and slit into something lighter and what is a better choice than a thick cardigan?*Well I don't know, so figure that one out for yourself*

What I love about thick cardigans is that they are cosy, girl love hugging you when you're wearing them and they are very comfortable. Wearing a cardigan without anything underneath is very sexy and hot, though it does require you to have a well defined chest like Fabio. For the shy and modest, a well fitted plain wife beater or T-shirt works as well. Looking at the guy above is it pretty obvious that what he's wearing at the bottom half of he body, and my advise is to hold on a a few more weeks until you put on some shorts. Chinos are still my recommendation since far too many guys have seen to have forgotten that there are other pants to wear than jeans.

Since most of the snow around the world has melted it is safe to wear loafers without being worried about them getting all filthy. Loafers are both comfortable, easy to put on and of but make you look proper as well.