SS08: Prada Men's Wear.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

At first glance I wasn’t thrilled at all when the pictures from Prada’s SS08 collection were in front of my critical eyes. But as times went on my appreciation for it increased and I realised how fine it really is.

There’s just something calm and relaxing about the absence of half naked guys, bright colour and presence identical looking models. The background illustrating grass and trees adds to the atmosphere. It is pretty appropriate now when Al Gore has trigged off a “save the globe” spirit in all the guilt Hollywood celebs drive around in their Range Rovers and live in their environmentally in-efficient Malibu mansions.

I’m very anti-boot cut but mysteriously I like the pants featured in the collection, they look some what different, it must be because they end above the ankle. Don’t forget to check out all the outfits below to fulfil your boring weekend in front of the computer.

The trousers.
The theme.


Grade: 5/5 Wunderbar


Model of the month: Danny Beauchamp

Friday, 29 June 2007

danny beauchamp

This month’s model was an easy choice. As the fashion worlds most prominent male model, I thought it would be convenient to honour Danny Beauchamp now that we are half way through men’s SS08.

The men’s model industry is smaller and much of a pop culture than the one of the opposite sex. Most fashion houses use different male models every season and sometimes even pick them from the streets. Street casted models at women’s high fashion runway shows are almost non-existent since female modelling is much more complex and serious. With that being said man-pretty Danny is one of the extremely few male top models.

danny beauchamp

What has made Danny Beauchamp a favoured model is his innocent, almost childlike, looking face which at the same time has a very powerful bone structure. If you ask me, he is clearly top model material, mostly because of his 100% photogenic face, he looks great in almost every frame I have seen.

From all the clips of him that I have watched and what I have read bout him, he seem to be very down to earth guy. Don’t be fooled by what he wears on the runway, 21 years old Danny actually prefers casual dressing. Further more his father is well known politician and multi millionaire in Britain. Even though Danny is making Bugs Bunny money as a model he doesn’t see him self as the “fashion industry” type. He aspires to be a fireman.

danny beauchamp

danny beauchampdanny beauchamp


SS08: DSquared Men's Wear.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Next on the list is the Canadian double D fashion duo DS2. As usual the two brothers’ collections come with a distinct theme and this time they have been inspired by early 90s Monte Carlo F1 GP. Since I’m an F1 the collection gets a little extra plus because of that.

With the racing theme comes jump suits, racing jackets and various patches which give the pieces a cluttered and cheap looks. You ladies out there will probably appreciate the hard piped and moisturized guys wearing nothing but swimming trunks. Most pieces are wearable but will likely have mediocre quality and be sold are unreasonable high prices.

Nice looking swimming trunks.

Well thought out theme.

All the racing stripes and decal reminds me of racing jackets from cheap Italian brands.

Uncertainty concerning the quality.

Grade: 3.5/5 Satisfying


Style on a budget.

Monday, 25 June 2007

During the latest 12 months I have encountered several people who have been lurking in second hand stores(or vintage for you who think SH is an ugly word) and found very nice pieces at ridiculous prices. So far I haven't paid a visit to a second hand store yet since I haven't had time and don't like the funny "old-people" odor in those stores. But I have to get over the smell if I want to find bow ties, belts and nicely worn leather bags for less then the price of a Vogue issue.

The photo above shows a rather experienced second hand shopper who has managed to compose a great summer outfit of vintage clothes from head to toe. I like the late 80s Miami- banker/Ferrari 335 Spider owner look he has pulled of, and I especially like the shorts.


SS08: Burberry Prorsum Men's Wear.

I give you the golden nugget of Milano SS08 so far. Just when you predicted that Burberry’s SS08 would not differ any much from the previous collection Christopher Bailey slam dunk with something completely unexpected and mind blowing

The more I look the unfriendly summer outfits featuring pieces which don’t let the skin breath. Bailey’s team seem to be aquaman jumping getting out of the sea to conquer the 7(hope that the right number) continents of the world. Bold colours, water resistant and glossy pieces are all found through out the collection. This collection is simply fantastic and is something that I would really have wanted to see in real life.

The golden outfits are to die for, so extravagant.

I badly want the red trench.

Shades with straps.

Divers shoes look cool in water but not on the streets.

Weirdly walking models?

Some of the pieces are too dysfunctional to wear on a hot summer day.

Grade: 5/5 Bloody beautiful


SS08: Missoni Men's Wear.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Wohooo SS08 has finally kicked off and you can expect deep coverage here at iluwfashion. So far so good, some of the collections which were exhibited yesterday were spectacular with lots of piece to like and dream about.

To warm you guys up I’ll start with Missoni who just like with their SS07, heavily rely on their uber signature ziggy saw pattern. Never before has grandma knitwear looks to hip and cool. With blue being the main colour across the board the collection seem to be inspired by the ocean and when you’re out sailing or fishing you are directly exposed to the sun, which is why the collection features a good number of Sherlock Holmes hats.

The neatly twisted sleeves of the sweaters around the neck.

Coloured pants.

Preppy is cute.

I don't digg the hats.

The patterns and colours can cause an epileptic seizure.

Grade: 5/5
I Luw it.