Model of the month: Andi Muise

Friday, 31 August 2007

andi muise

I have no clue what Canada’s biggest export is but they sure have exported a handful of top models to the fashion scene in Europe. Canada is heavily represented of top models like Heather Marks, Coca Rocha, Linda Evangelista, Jessica Stam, Irina Lazareanu and last but not least this month’s model Andi Muise.

andi muise

I love Andi, especially her very cute face, I have had a little model crush on her. Unfortunately this 20 years old Canadian beauty doesn’t seem to be so appreciated like she should. She only seems to book work for the less “important” brands and doesn’t book many of the top jobs for Chanel, Vogue Magazine and Valentino. Off course she has done work for some of the high fashion brands but her portfolio also consists of a handful of catalogue work for Nordstorm. Thankfully Victoria’s Secret like her and hopefully she will be drafted this year too.

andi muiseandi muise

Despite the lack of publicity Andi does do a lot of editorials which is where her model talent really shines. Most of her editorial work is breath taking, she really sucks you in to the shots and make you embrace the story of the editorial. I would love to see more of her in the future and hope that she won't fade away like most "not to famous" models do.

andi muise
andi muise

andi muise


Conveyor belt showcase.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Not all designers want to or have the dough to exhibit their latest collection with a big show involving exquisite champagne and goodies bags worth several hundred euros. Some are just happy with releasing a set of look book images or just holding a small private show for their biggest buyers and friends.

I love creativity and it’s always the simple ideas which make my left ear tingle. Italian brand TRUSSARD, showed earlier this year off their FW07/08 collection on a conveyor belt, which I found to be a genius idea. Not only is it very cool, but it allow the designer to show off a whole lot of bags, which isn’t possible on catwalk since the bags needs to be carried by a model. Great, isn’t it???


Dress up your home.

Monday, 27 August 2007

If you’re into fashion you naturally fancy nice homes as but I don’t. I’m into architecture and interior décor. It takes more than a random mansion shown on MTV Cribs to make my ears tingle because I’m quite picky and particular.

At the moment I live with my parents and long to the day where I have a good job and can afford a good looking apartment or house to turn into my own oasis. I will be moving to Central London to continue my university studies in marketing at the beginning of next year and will try, using the little money I will have to turn my dorm into my personal space.

What characterizes my style is the use of walls. I have blank walls and encourage all of you to use them by hanging up paintings. Further more painting walls in brown, dark gray or purple while keeping the doors sills white is a great way to add depth to a room. Wallpapers with texture and motives are pretty hot as well and is something I could see myself investing in.

As for the décor I’m not into minimalistic and boring furniture which you barely dare to touch. To be there is nothing more important than a comfortable home. Everything you sit you should make you feel relaxed and calm. I like mixed decorations with old designs painted repainted in solid colours. Don’t get me wrong I love Bauhaus pieces as well. Here are a few pictures to showing my taste of décor and design. Colours and shapes are extremely important to me. I love bright colours.

Do I like big houses? Very little. Most big houses are big, bland and boring. I like it intimate with all rooms connected with the help of an open, interesting and functional floor plan. I could see myself living in a house with 3 bedrooms, one guest room, a reading room, and A/V room for watching movies and playing Xbox 360, super clean living room, dinning room and finally a room/glass house next to the garden. Off course I wouldn’t want to live in a house like this all alone. I want children 3 of them, I love having people around me. The house below is a good representation of what I perceive as a reasonably sized home with great architecture. I don’t like the interior decor though.


Back to school.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Wearing glasses with no strength at all has been quite popular the latest two years especially amongst fashion fanatics who want to spice up their outfits with a touch of intelligence.

I have always wanted a pair of glasses but have had a tough time getting hold of a pair of cheap ones, until last week. During a quick visit in a second hand store I saw a basket of glasses and found just the type I wanted. The glass messed up my eyes to I had to break it but it was surprisingly difficult to break. I had to pound each glass shield with all my force 4-5 times with a screwdriver until it gave up.

When I wore them yesterday for my arrogant "Oxford student back to school nerd"-look, and very few noticed that they didn’t have any glass but still I will be visiting my local optician and find out how much it cost to fill the holes with glass.


Cavalli for H&M preview.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The launch is a bit more than 2 months away but this week H&M has together with a Swedish men’s magazine issued a preview shots to keep us hungry for Cavalli’s collection for H&M.

Thankfully he hasn’t turned our nightmares into reality, hardly any men’s clothes with animal patterns, purple or ruffles in sight. What I like most from the shots in the women’s trench coat and I could see thousands of women fighting like cavemen for one in November. The shirt with snow leopard fabric on the front looks quite sharp, I like it.

As for the men’s clothes they look rather plain and leave me rather uninterested. I hope that the details on the suit and trench coat aren’t yellow because that is a terrible colour to combine with most of what I’ve got in my closet. But Cavalli and H&M have more in store than what is in the pictures and they will probably offer a few pieces with mass appeal.


CK Underwear: Rise of the black actor.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

When I read the announcement that CK had chosen 43 years old Djimon Hounsou was to replace Fredrik Lundberg as their male underwear campaign model the feeling in my stomach was a bit lukewarm. I’m not so keen on Hollywood actors in fashion campaign but I gave the whole thing some space.

A few shots from the campaign have surfaced the latest months and I’m pretty surprised by the result. Hounsou has really delivered. I love the black intensity in the shots, very powerful and he’s in good shape too. He’s also a good actor, you might remember him for the Gladiator, The Island, and Blood Diamond. Hopefully some duo shots with a female model will surface later this autumn.


SS08 Aftermath.

Friday, 17 August 2007

The men’s SS08 fashion shows are over, what’s in the goodie bags from the shows have been taken advantage off and the focus is now on the AW/0708 stuff making its way into the store. Now it’s time to wake up the dead by examining the biggest trends we saw on the catwalk.

Biggest trend of them are trousers reaching down just a decimeter or so above the ankle, little longer than Capri pants. I like the looks I’ve seen so far, especially those involving colored socks which are heavily exposed. I almost feel like taking a pair of my trousers to a tailor and get them shortened. The father of “short pants” if off course Thom Browne who is a New York based designer/tailor and has been designing these types of pants for quite some time now.

Aluminum colored jackets were quite popular during the 90s and have slowly begun reappearing along with metallic colored clothes. Transparency should also be mentioned as well which is quite amusing since I have during these rainy days seen quite a few people wearing transparent………*make a guess*…………..rain coats!!!

Either way I doubt that any these trend will become a commercial success. If I know fashion right my guess is that transparent and metallic coloured clothes won’t be cheap. In high fashion stores everything that’s not made out of plain cotton come at heart breaking prices.


Flip Flops.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I have seen them and so have you, the crocs!!!! Mostly kids wear them but I have also seen adults and male teenagers wearing them. On top of that they are sold almost everywhere now, even in store which don’t even sell shoes or clothes. My 13 years old brother wants a pair but thankfully my mother hasn’t bothered buying him a pair of military colored ones.

As for flip flops in general, it is considered a blasphemy to wear them in public since they are so informal and something you wear in your home or on the beach. I think that’s sad since they are some very nice looking leather flip flops out there which aren’t getting picked up by anyone.

Pulling of an outfit involving flip flops takes a good amount of planning. First of all there isn’t anything more sinful than walking around with dirt or worn shoes. That means when wearing flip flops your feet have to be as tidy as brand new shoes, especially since people tend to stare at your feet if they are exposed. Giving the feet a good brush and scrape the day before is crucial and perhaps moisturizing them with coco butter lotion, and if someone happens to want to suck on your big toes some honey will do the trick.

Shorts tend to look best with flip flops especially when wearing a belt and bag of the same colour. I don’t have a flip flops but a good time to pick up a pair of leather ones is now when they be on sales and in most cases they are discounted heavily since barely nobody want to buy designer flip flops. Let the outfits below inspire you.


The ultimate Tomgirl.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

The girl on the picture looks a little cute doesn’t she? Well I thought the same thing until I looked closely at image for a minute or so and concluded that it’s a guy. He’s a Tomgirl just like some guys I’ve stopped here in Sweden. Slim silhouette are popular today just like they were in 80s. During that time the guy who looked the most like a bitch got all the ladies, like Boy George and Prince. Some guys here in Sweden even buy girl jeans, jackets and other stuff in an attempt to look ultra trendy. Then again I’m not going to exaggerate since the number of guy who engage in this blasphemy are very very few. Personally I think it’s over the top trying to look like an overgrown pre-puberty 14 years old girl.

Koji which is the name of he guy in the picture is much more than a feminine boy. I have found very little information about him, but he is a racing driver and big shot CEO/owner of a very big company in Japan. He seem to be type who is invited to all sort of events and parties, living the jet set life like Paris Hilton did before she became trash.

Looking at some of the recognizable clothes and the shopping bags in the trunk of his arctic white RR Phantom he seem to be a big fan of Dior Homme, which isn’t surprising since the brand is very popular in East Asia.

Just like me has a very good appetite for cars. All the cars seen in the pictures below belong to him, and those a just few of the cars from his collection. Am I jealous? You bet I am, my face is at the moment greener than Kermit.