Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Yesterday on the 31st November Halloween was celebrated in Sweden, not a large magnitude because people here don’t care much for it. I didn’t experience the joy of attending a fun Halloween party dressed out funny. My dream Halloween outfit would be the black Spiderman dress above which would help me fight feisty and drunken douchebags by spraying champagne, semen or holy water on them. I can only image what a hassle it must paying a visit the toilet to take a leak dressed in that suit.


Cavalli for HM galore.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

You’re probably tired of all the Cavalli for HM hype but the end is near since the collection will go on sale on Thursday the 8th November next week. Since I’m abandoning the iPod camp the 11th marks the day which the new Microsoft Znue 80Gb will be launched in the US. Not that it’s relevant but I will be buying one from eBay, thankfully the mighty dollar is not so mighty any longer.

I won’t be lining up for the collection outside an HM store next week. The gear for us men is not particularly interesting, plus I don’t have the dough for it either. If I was a girl I would rush for the two dressed below, my genitals will tingle. The dresses are spectacular and perfectly suited for new years eve. The one in the left picture is my favorite piece in the entire collection and Jessica looks superb in it. It should be worn with bare legs uncovered by the undressing of a black trench coat.

The campaign itself is very well made and does what it’s supposed to, which is making us want to buy the clothes. Glitter and glamor is the theme and looking at the pictures you get sucked into the atmosphere where the clothes are meant to be worn. My spiderman senses are telling me that the women’s people will sell like crazy, especially after these campaign shots have flooded magazines and blogs. Still I'm doubtful that the collection will be as successful as HMs previous designer collabo. Clothes with animal patterns are often one-time-wear since they are bold but get old very quickly. It's the type of clothes which can't be rocked more than once and are far from timeless. Another problem is the pricing, Cavalli's collection for HM is not cheap. The dresses are priced at 80, 200 and 300 euro, not to mention the 80 euro belt for women. Not very cheap compared with Karl.L and V&Rs collections for HM.


Prada is brand whoring.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Yawn! It’s time to turn back all the watches and clocks in the house hold an hour back. The only watch I have adjusted is the one I carry on my left wrist, I did it yesterday. So now I have to do the same with all the other 4 clocks we have in the house hold.

A watch I could never see on my wrist is the IWC for Prada watch. It’s not that it isn’t attractive or an excellent time piece but more that I’m a die hard IWC fan. Looking at the pictures of it I can’t feel anything else than disgust. The Prada logo does nothing positive for the watch since IWC so much higher up on the ladder than Prada. Further more Prada has collaborated with IWC for nothing but exposure just like what they did the LG phone and LG MP3-player. Luckily we won’t see many of these around since only 2 000 will be made for at 9 000 euro I my memory doesn’t fail me. At the end of the day my favorite watch is and will always be IWC Portuguese.

My future baby: IWC Portuguese


Outfit of yesterday.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Crappy night out of Friday. I didn’t feel like drinking so I decided to be the designated driver. The pre-drinking at my friend’s apartment was a bit dull for since everyone was laughing, screaming and falling on the floor except me. Its funny how everyone who’s under the influence looks stupid and ridicules when you’re sober as priest. But I did take a sip of some chardonnay, just a little. Didn’t want to catch a DUI with a 23 days prison sentence following if you know what I mean.

Since I knew I wasn’t going to reach the peak of happiness without some substances pumping through my veins I decided to come through slick like a GQ editor. I might have been a little overdressed but that couldn’t bring me down except for the hair grease I saw this morning on my white shirt color. Either way the night out at the club sucked but thankfully I came in for free and didn’t spend a single coin at the club. Gotta love those free nights out.

“I don’t go to parties for the music, the drinks or the dance, I go to watch them watch me.” - Joe Budden


Model of the month: Tyson Beckford

Thursday, 25 October 2007

The 90s were all about doing it big. Overexposures of celebs were major and a few of the 90s pop culture were Princess Diana, Chicago Bulls, Mike Tyson, Super Mario, Arnold Schwarzenegger Lamborghini Diablo, Carl Lewis and Donald Duck. A person who was constantly in the spot light was Tyson Beckford.

He and Fabio Lanzoni are more or less the only male super models that have ever existed. Tyson is an example of masculine excellence; he’s tall, has an athletic body and has well sculptured face. Guys want to be him and women are ready to sacrifice their shoe wardrobe for a night with him. Tyson simply has it all.

What has made him famous is his unique facial appearance but most importantly his eyes which he can thank his Chinese decent for. On the other hand he's is very different from today’s sissy top male models who have long hair and aren’t very muscular. But hey back in the 90s muscles was what women loved.

Having been raised in the hard knock ghettos of Bronx Tyson was a street thug just trying to get through life. Ironically he used to hang with people who sold drugs but now he works in fashion industry around people who use drugs. Like many of today’s models he was scouted in the streets. Shortly after that Tyson was introduced to Ralph Lauren who happily employed him as a model for a Polo sport campaign. Later on he worked for Calvin Klein and various brand. Bare in mind that this was before the era of male high fashion, so there weren’t too many male fashion jobs like there is today.

Now days Tyson is still at work making mad cash of his face. You might have seen him in movies like the Island, Shottas and in Britney Spears’ Toxic music video.


Sex is in the air.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Sisley’s autumn campaign is nothing out of the ordinary. Like the majority of their ads it triggers your hormones or testosterone and is a bit on the provocative side. The classic red does most of the magic and it’s a pity that barely any women wear red lipstick these days. If you ask me I find it very suitable as fall ad, fall is THE mating season of the year. The weather is grey, windy and rainy, which are the perfect conditions for inviting someone of the opposite gender to cozy movie night at your place.

The highlight in the campaign is the mature and confident woman in total command. I love women mentally powerful women who aren’t afraid of taking control. But I’m going to stop there since this blog doesn’t cover my explicit fantasies of erotic nature involving dominant women in their late 20s/early 30s.


Daddy's got a new hat.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Mom surprised me today when she came home with a fur hat she had bought for me.

Okay, that’s lie, this is how it really went down. I went shopping with mom today, showed her the fur hat at HM , she happily wanted to buy it for me and I couldn’t refuse the offer. BUT, I did look for fur hats in second hand stores prior to the purchase and could only find Russian fur hats for pensioners. With that being said I couldn’t resist the hat sold at HM especially when it looks perfect at a very affordable price.

I’m very pleased with it and even though I have an O.J Simpson sized head I managed, using a little force, to fit it on my head. During testing I found out it looks best on me with the flaps tied up because when they are down very little of my face is visible.

Today’s bargain is off course the bow tie I bought in a SH store. Made out of velvet it has an exclusive touch to it. I bought it for a cool €2 which is only a tiny fraction of the €30-40 price which most bow ties cost in the retail stores around here.


Look of the months: D&G FW 2007/2008

Thursday, 18 October 2007

D&G FW 2007/2008

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that H&M are selling fur hats for 10 euro. The bad news is that HM are selling fur hats for 10 euro. I have planned on wearing a fur hat this winter since February and was very tempted to buy a beige(there's also a black one) fur hat at H&M yesterday but didn't. I've decided to hold on to my money and search for a used one in second hand store.

I'm a bit torn since I want to be one of the very few people wearing a fur hat in Gothenburg this year. For my own sake I hope that HM won't be selling too many of them or else every 5th person will be wearing one this winter. That's always the case here in Sweden when ever there is a desirable item on sale at HM. But I'm confident that I will manage to find a cool vintage looking one in SH stores and perhaps put a cool badge on it like a USSR flag or something. As long as it looks different from the ones sold at HM I will be happy.

Regardless of how many will be rocking a fur hat this year it's a highly recommended item and like with all fashionable items some people full it off better than others. With a fur hat you'll look taller and very dominant. There's something powerful about wearing something big on your head like a crown or horns, why else would the moose be king of the forest if it wasn't for the big horns.

Add a little sprinkle of gold in the form of cuff links, watch or sneakers and you'll look as exquisite as a Russian female gold digger named Natasha. Fur hats go well together with trench coats, shiny shoes, leather gloves and black pieces in general. Extravaganza is what's it's about and a fur hat can spice up almost any elegant outfit. The cons of owning a fur hat is that you must have a hair style that is ”hat proof”. My hair style isn't and I would most likely have to use the comb I carry with me in my bag every time I would take the hat off. On the other hand it will be put to use during the days when I don't feel like fixing my hair up.


Shirt + Tie = Great success.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

I'm back from one weeks break. I lost some energy when the laptop broke down. But I have had lovely weekend full of pleasant activities. Went clubbing on Friday and experimented with my clothing as usual. I have always hated the idea of wearing a shirt and a tie with nothing over since it makes you look like a human resource manager on coffee break. The man above is an example of my theory that with a little imagination you can make almost anything look good.

I almost copied the outfit from head to toe. I have identical trousers except that mine are black, I did roll them up 15 centimeters to expose my loafers and black socks. His RL shirt I something that I also own and I did manage to fins a similar ivy league inspired tie. The tie was tied slight loosely to make the outfit look less formal. Overall I looked just as fresh as the guy but unfortunately don't have a picture of the outfit to prove it.


Blank screen - laptop issues.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Once again I get struck with my typical bad luck with gadgets. This time a blogger's best friend, my laptop, has serious issues. On Saturday I turned on my laptop, heard one longer beep followed by two short beeps and a black screen. The beep sequence is a message for video card error. I tried hooking the laptop up with one of the screens at home but could still not get anything to show on the screen.

Simply put my graphics card has been fried and the whole mother board needs to be replaced, or HP needs to give me a new laptop. Thank god for warranty. Last time I sent it in ,it was gone for 4 weeks and I recon it will take just as long time this time. I've laid it down in a "coffin" ready for DHL to pick up later this week. I have all my pictures on the laptop and with that being said there will be very few posts the coming weeks. I'll post what ever I can but don't expect much until the laptop has been fixed.