Model of the month: Izabel Goulart

Monday, 31 December 2007

Babe of this month’s is bombastic goodness by the name Izabel Goulart. It’s the last day of the year and I just have to leave your brains with the best memory imprint possible. Her Italian and Brazilian genes plus my DNA would make some amazing looking children, it makes me wonder if there is a bank for female eggs in Brazil. I want to buy a dozen of female eggs and make scrambles egg* Just kidding, justing kidding, I know that sounds gross*

Although Izabel doesn’t top the list of the most hired models she is a fairly recognized model thanks to her exotic Brazilian appearance, which links her to the other super models like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Isabeli Fontana who are of the same decent. Today she keeps herself busy as a Victoria’s Secret angel and as a spokes person for a charity organization. Frankly there’s not much more say about her since she book very few jobs in the high fashion industry, she’s simply too hot. That’s it’s for 2007 ladies and gentlemen!

Happy new year people.


H&M declares war on aids.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

One of the biggest manifestos the latest two years have been (product)RED which gave birth to the sexy red Nano. Some success has been noted since some of the RED appeal to people. A company which has kept an eye ball on (product) and its success is HM, which last week announced is campaign against aids cleverly named “fashion against aids”. Critically thinking the name is rather bogus since the fashion industry is the least companionate of them all,*hint* crocodile leather, fur, leather, anorexia and the ruthless treatment of female models *hint*. It would be like Porsche launching a “Sport scars against climate changes” together with Al Gore.

The catalyst in the campaign is off course the big and popular music artists who have joined hands with H&M for free. Rihanna, Good Charlotte, Henrik Vibskov, Jade Jagger, Justice, My Chemical Romance, Rufus Wainwright, Scissor Sisters, Timbaland and Ziggy Marley are a few of the them*Sorry no Bono*. Retail price for the merchandise will range between €10 and €350 and 25 percent of the dough will be donated to aids research. Best of all the, clothes will all be made from ecological fabric and will be in stores February 2008.

Bonus: One of the best and strongest ads I've ever seen.


The empty days of an Athiest.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

I bet you are all eating ginger bread now while tossing a piece of ham to the dog. Me, I’m doing none of that because I’m an atheist and don’t celebrate the birth of Christ. Christmas tend to be rather boring for me since the world is practically at a standstill. All my friends are home with their families, the gym as well as all stores are closed and TV is a bore.

Luckily I have downloaded all seasons of Sex and the City except for the third one, and they will help me accelerate the time this evening. So far I have watched 9 episodes and can officially say that I’m an addict. Like I had anticipated the show revolves around sex, shoes and alcohol, but most importantly sex. It that first TV-series or movie I have ever seen which depicts sexual relationships, it’s very entertaining to say the least. Even though most of what is seen in the series is a bit exaggerated, you can actually relate to some it depending on your experience in the field of love and sex.

If I want to enlarge my bank of knowledge I turn to podcasts. Ever since I bought my Microsoft Zune 80 three weeks ago, I have become a podcast junkie. I download most of my material from iTunes since it has the biggest and most organized library of podcasts. Video podcasts are what I tend to download since I want visual input as well. There is good material out there for everyone. My favorite types of podcasts are those that are fashion, gadget, marketing/investment and news related. has a very watch worthy podcast which you guys should check out.

Now days I always finish the day off by watching podcasts on my Zune 80 in bed before I fall asleep, it very cozy. Thankfully the Zune has a Podcast section where all the podcasts automatically end up separated in two audio and video podcasts colums, in other words I don’t have to dig for them through all my songs. I love my Zune 80 and it feels exhilarating using something different than an iPod. The sound quality is phenomenal with my Shure e2c ear buds, every song I play sounds exhilarating and the no matter how much I turn up the volume the sound never distorts, the quality is very high-end. Never before have I experienced such audio perfection on a portable device. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, I don’t miss my iPod Photo at all. On Wednesday my sister will be retuning California with a Zune A/V-cable so that I can play and view all the content on my Zune on a TV, it sports a 480p output meaning that I can DVD-quality like images on the telly. Enough with the gibberish now, here’s a shot of my zune with it’s new desktop background.

Happy holidays!!


Look of the month: December

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Z Zegna S/S 08

For some people New Years Eve is THE night of the year and must be spectacular, and even if it doesn’t turn out to be earth shattering, they’ll magnify it all when they fill their friends about the night. I believe that new years eve can be amazing but a random night out with new gang of fun and dance floor loving people can just as great, if not even better. Either way black is what is to be worn on New Years Eve.

Black is not only the colour of Xbox 360 Elite but the symbol of death and evil which the forces of fear. What we fear we respect, and respect is power and authority. Regardless if your going to a pop champagne bottles in an exclusive inner city apartment at new years eve or joining some friends out eating fine sushi, black on black dressing work for any function or festivities where everybody is going to be shining and looking fly.

The most simple and sophisticated outfit involves a suit, shoes off course, an elegant belt and a shirt with the two top buttons unbuttoned. That’s the ideal black on black outfit and works wonders for every man out there regardless of appearance, size and height, everybody looks good black. Adding pieces like ties, scarves or a trench coat on the body and you’ll look like the undertaker or like a Russian mobster ready to throw a tied up man into the boot of a black S-class. Several layers of black pieces can be worn without giving people the impression that you are in mourning if you break it up with accessories of metal, brown or gray shades since they are best at balancing an outfit while maintaining a stealthy look.

Material choice are very important too since black is a colour is fully exposes the texture of any material, especially if they clothes are of bad quality and worn out. Suits and shirt of a shimmering and slight shiny material look best, while cheap cotton and polyester will make you look an underpaid body guard. The better the material is, the more exclusive you look. Lastly, everybody knows that black conducts heat like a solar panel and therefore wearing black on a hot summer day will makes you look as cool as Tom Cruise dancing to hip hop at TRL.


Snoop gets pimped out in snobbstyle.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

There you have it, the way Snoopy would have dressed if would have been born and raised in an aristocratic mansion in French Rennes. Gracious lifestyle but still looking slick in slick and fur walking around with a pimp stick. Gray hound dogs instead of pit bulls and perhaps kissing and stroking Fabergé egg instead of a diamond encrusted pimp glass?


Sex and the City: The Movie

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Sex and the City has long been a popular TV-show amongst trendy metropolitan women. In 2004 the last episode was broadcasted and next year the show will make a comeback, on the movie screen or on torrent sites for us Captain Sparrow-like pirates who prefer bootlegging.

30 May 2008 is the date to mark on your leather coated personal organizers for those longing for a sweet summer flick. Yesterday I was, as a car nut, thrilled to see these images because they show the new Mercedes GLK which is due to be launched in a matter of 1 or 2 weeks.

Mercedes’s marketing team is hungry for increased sales and nothing is more exciting than product placement. SUV are in general very popular amongst women and we all know that white is the new black, so the car is fully targeted to the image conscious, Starbucks coffee drinking, macbook owning, young and successful people who want a chic(don’t like using that word) and edgy car. BTW, have any of you guys watched the show, is all about golden double headed dildos, cosmo drinks and Jimmy Choo? Because I feel a little caught by in the pre-hype of the movie and I’m tempted to start watching it. Or do you think that the show is for girls and sissy boys only, and that I should stick the overly manly Entourage?

The pictures are from movie scene shot at Rodeo Drive and it’s one very beautiful street which is paradise compared with all the other rather underdeveloped and slightly dirty looking streets in the LA area. It LA equivalent to London’s Bond street, very posh with almost nothing but flagship stores lined up along the street. Paparazzi are constantly there on the look out for celebs shopping because this more or less the one and only place to shop in LA if you want fine European clothing. He was very sincere and let me take snap a shot of him and one of me and him.

Me and my friends were happy to bump into Andre Leon Talley who was only recognized and noted by me. No one else on the street knew who he was and if also need some help placing him, I can tell you that he’s a top editor at Vogue US. I snapped I picture of him posing with the LV boxes and got a chance to exchange a few words with him even though he was busy getting photographed for the Oscars. His side as astonishing, I’m 180cm and weigh 75kg but standing next to him I felt like Jennifer Love Hewitt standing next to The Rock. Andre is a very big person, not fat but big. I read some where that he’s a little over 2 meter which seems like it because he did make feel small.


Beckham fans rejoice.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Armani is first company to ride on the Beckham publicity wave in American. The Italian fashion giant has hired the exceedingly overpaid soccer player to be their new under wear boy. In the beginning of next year they will infest the US with billboards and ads of Beckham. Don’t ask me what’s stuffed under the briefs but my guess is that it’s either play dough, sponge ball or a young hamster.


All I want for Christmas.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Christmas is around the corner and everyone’s addiction to retail is sky high. Although I don’t get caught up in the frenzy I do have some materialistic cravings this year, so here’s my little list:


I have had the eyes on these boots for quite sometime and I want them, but my wallet doesn’t allow me.


Chocolate is love and regardless if it’s Christmas or your birthday a box of chocolate always makes you smile………..unless you’re allergic to nuts, which luckily I’m not. A Swedish manufacturer has taken chocolate gifts a step further by allowing customers to choose a 28 character message they might want to tell their loved ones. You can always use it to write “Please return my Minority Report”. For full seduction give away a box of chocolate and a copy of Michael Bolton’s Time, Love & Tenderness, I have a copy here at home, fantastic album.


I suffer from photofobia and don’t like taking picture, and have in fact never owned my very own camera. Lately I have felt that I time for me to buy one and start capturing moments in life. Naturally I want a sleek top of the line Cannon IXUS but they cost more than I’m willing to spend on a camera so I will have to settle for a cheaper cannon model when it’s time to a camera next month.

The O.C

Earlier this year my favorite TV series of all times came to an end. I haven’t watched season 1 in two years and feel like watching it again. Season one is by far the best thing I’ve ever watched on TV and anyone who haven’t watched it should get their hands on the box ASAP, and perhaps buy me a box too.

Bond no. 9

If you fail to figure out what to buy someone for Christmas fragrances are generally the best last resort since manufacturers bundle them up with deodorants or moisturizers and stuff them inside very attractive boxes right before Christmas.

But buying someone fragrance can be a bit impersonal if you just grab a Boss Emotion or Gucci Envy Me off the shelves. Bond no.9 fragrances are the cocaine of fragrances. When I smelled a bunch of their products last week the chair I was close to levitating off my chair. For the first time I felt my nostrils tingling or joy and enlightenment. Never before have I felt such passion and artistic perfection in fragrances.

The force in the products is impeccable, one can smell the care and dedication behind the work. More or less all fragrances in your typical department store smells good but the ones from Bond no.9 has character, a purpose and their own distinctive smell. These guys really know what they are doing, and my favorites are Andy Warhol Silver Factory, Bond no 9’s West Side, Wall Street and Bond no 9’s Hamptons.


Allow me to let you in on my little secret; I’m on a mission to buy my first Porsche before the age of 30. Yes, yes, senior moi is a Porsche fanatic, and even have a gigantic poster of a Porsche 997 Carrera hanging on the wall adjacent to my bed.

So, naturally a product with a Porsche badge on it will make me do cartwheels(very bad ones). The gang of products you see above is what your Porsche dealer might give if you order a 911 Turbo. With that being said, you can guess that I won’t be getting my hands on the merchandise unless I’m ordering a Porsche or willing to pay for the merchandise in cash. Porsche is das besser automobile.


HM: SS08

Monday, 10 December 2007

After Christmas the sale frenzy will begin, clearing out all the clothes in the store to make space for the SS08 fashion. H&M wants to gets the flowers in our souls longing for spring and issued their SS campaigns shots a week ago.

Most of the stuff is plain and dull like always except for one or two pieces. Following the fashion trend from the SS08 shows HM will be offering the fashionable gray trousers which ends right above the ankle, they are so perfect to wear with coloured socks. The black windbreaker looks like a comfortable and inexpensive purchase too, and if both the jacket and trousers are just as stylish looking in real life I will scoop both of them up.

I glad HM are willing to rip designers off, slightly over sized thin parkas have been very popular here in Sweden through out the year. Most of them have been too pricey for a summer jacket, but if I know HM right they will be selling the parkas for less than 60 euro. If you’re an eccentric person and little more courageous then me, you might interested in the latex S&M biker jacket.