Good bye 2008.

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The time has come to conclude the year as playboys will be swinging their bow ties in clubs around the world in the next 36 hours. Tipping at 145 posts it has certainly been a pleasure providing free editorial literature that serves well now when everyone has fewer pennies to spend on luxuries such a glossy magazines. This is media by the people, for the people.

For 2009 I’m contemplating pushing the boundaries of blogging with free video content a’la youtube channel. I finally took the plunge this year and bought myself a digital camera, and next up is a video camera I guess. As I don’t have the budget of Warner Bros, the hurdle is making videos that are visually appealing and edited in a proper manner. Any requests for 2009 in terms of content would be appreciated as well as feedback or criticism. Lastly I wish you all a happy new year.
Yours truly.


I Luw Fashion: Man of the year.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

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This year television hasn’t been anything other than splendid. Sex and the City the movie, Gossip Girl and “Mad Men” have sucked women into the worlds of fashion perfection, while men have looked up to Batman, James Bond and Iron man for a template of the perfect man.
Batman, The dark knight, Bruce Wayne Fashion, Patrick Bateman, Batman Begins, Wayne Enterprise
In spite the overwhelming selection of movies for inspiration, there are two movies that have stood out more than the others and have held worldwide media under siege, and those are “Batman - The Dark Knight” and “James Bond – Quantum of Solace”. With the hype settled and cinemas ramping up for next year’s big releases it’s time to settle who’s the man of the year, James Bond or Bruce Wayne.

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Both franchises have become lucrative motion pictures for product placement and it was announced well back in 2007 what both heroes would be wearing. Christian Bale was kitted out by Armani which is well in place the sartorial success in American psycho in which Christian Bale wors suits from the same Italian designer. The power dressing formula just like in American psycho is also there in the Dark Knight but in a less pretentious way.
Batman, The dark knight, Bruce Wayne Fashion, Patrick Bateman, Batman Begins, Wayne Enterprise

Highly theatrical Tom Ford took care of Daniel Craig giving him a wardrobe of suits and coats which suits the sophisticated taste of James Bond. Not looking like the average night club security guard in a cheap and ill fitted black polyester suit Mr. Bond now has a crisp and more edgy appearance than before. It’s a job well done for Tom Ford who has managed to compromise his creative ideas and match them with the expected appearance of James Bond.

Bond: 8.5/10 Batman: 8/10

Aston Martin DBS, Bond Mobile, AM DB9, sports car, the transporter
Public transportation isn’t good enough as a super hero requires a means of getting around that can accelerate from 0-100km/h faster than a dyslexic politician can spell the word “mischievous”.
There is nothing that gains you more kudos from fellow men than driving the car of a super hero. Given that, it was no surprise that the Aston Martin DBS sold out for its entire life cycle the moment Aston Martin opened up their order book. Penned by Danish Henrik Frisker the DB9 is a master piece and the best automotive design man has seen the latest 10 year. With four years in the back pack the DBS is a much needed refresh of a more aggressive DB9. Because the DBS is technically a DB9 on steroids you’d expect it to look like a DB9..............which is exactly what it does. Every super model that dies in a traffic accident reincarnates into a DBS, the car looks absolutely divine in photos. Sadly the extraordinary beauty is nowhere to be seen in real life where the car simply looks like a DB9 with a fancy sports kit. Regardless of the deception it’s one very handsome long distance cruiser and is brilliant dream car for a subtle gentleman. The engine offer a powerful sound track with deep growl that sounds like angry polluted London clouds ready to pour down acid rain.

Lamborghini is no stranger to car lovers and the LP640 is the definition of a dram car with its 640 horse powers and scissor doors. Unlike the Aston it’s a head turner that stands out where ever it is and doesn’t disappoint neither in real life nor in photos. Interestingly it cost £197 460 which is just a few thousand grands short of the £159 043 asking price for the DBS. Similar priced the Ferrari 599GTB offer the same brutal and exotic experience as the Lambo which both makes the DBS look somewhat overpriced as it’s a faux super car. Nonetheless it’s hard to not forgive the DBS for its flaws as it’s one very cool car. Like with previous Bond cars the novelty will complete be lost in 1-2 years when the Quantum of Solace is in the long in the past while the LP640 will remain bold for years to come.
Bond: 6.5/10 Batman: 8.5/10

The women.
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If you didn’t blush when Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko made her initial appearance in Quantum of Solace then you’re not a hetero sexual man. The cute hair style and golden tan made her look like the ultimate next door neighbour. With such a gentle but yet romantic face many admirers would happily do cart wheels around Chernobyl for her. Take into account her graceful posture and sexy accent, Olga is an excellent super hero girlfriend.

Visually Maggie Gyllenhaal doesn’t match up to Katie Holmes who played Rachel in the first Batman movie featuring Christian Bale. Maggie’s acting deserves a firm cheer but age has caught up with her a bit too early. Unlike other actresses of her age and calibre her face looks old. For her it’s almost like the camera adds 10 years and the age is even more apparent when you see her in the flesh.

Bond: 9/10 Batman: 3.5/10

The movie.

Action movies are synonyms for clich├ęs and weak plots, and the fact is highlighted by going through Steven Segal or Jean Claude Van Dame’s filmography. The Dark Knight is a beacon of light in this genre as it stands for the entertainment one doesn’t expect from a blockbuster action movie. At least one Oscar should be in place curtsey for Heath Ledger who puts on an astounding performance as the Joker.

The character development in the movie and the conflicts Batman faces are what makes the movie so spectacular. Even those without an appetite for action flicks will love the thick and deep plot and provides unpredictability rarely seen. No other motion big screen motion picture can rival the Dark Knight as it has dominated this year as the best movie of 2008.

Quantum of Solace takes the prize for one of the best car chases ever. Plagued by bad omens and accidents the production team for the movie managed to pull though with is heart pounding car chase that’s guaranteed to keep a fatigue lorry under suspense.

As an action movie the movie certainly deliver with the type of drama and scenes one would want to see on a Friday night. The fighting scenes are intense taking places in various dramatic environments with explosions and gun shoots all around. Undeniably amazing action in its essence but the question is whether it’s really Bond? Instead of a charming and formidable Bond we have been presented with a Bond that’s harder than Chuck Norris and Jason Statham combined. Where is the womanizer personality and the charm? Despite the brilliant thrill Quantum of Solace has taken James Bond’s character down the wrong path transforming into something uncharacteristic. Gone missing are also the car gizmos and Sony gadgets from the future. We see Daniel Craig playing the role of his life but we see no traditional Bond.

Bond: 6/10 Batman: 9.5/10

Off set appearance.

It’s common knowledge that movies are just acts, but it’s quite disappointing to see that Christian Bale looks drastically different off set then he does in movie like American Psycho. The dressing isn’t there nor is the charisma. Daniel Craig on the other hand has done a flawless job in the style category looking highly presentable every time there’s a camera around.

Bond: 10/10 Batman: 5.5/10

James Bond: 40 Batman: 35

Man of the year – James Bond

Bonus: The Dark Knight London Premier


No one read blogs on Christmas Eve.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy holidays folks! Finally the day has come when everyone put their swords and shield down for some quality time spent with their loved ones. The entire world is at a standstill as the post man is resting, stores are closed and no newspapers to be read. If NY is the city that never sleeps then the internet is the world that never stays still which is why I’m going to savour this day of dropped readership by posting some slight off topic non-sense. After all, who reads blogs on Christmas eve?

During the week I’ve had a new tenant in my bag and for the first time it’s non-university related literature. Writing is one of my pleasures in life and so is reading, but not reading novels. There are too many distractions like TV and computers that prevents me from focusing 1-2 hours on a novel when I can watch a movie, surf the web or play some computer game. What I’ve had in my book this week is not just any book but Esquire magazine’s “Handbook of style”. Prior to receiving it I had zero expectations and had no preconceived notions as I have never read an issue of Esquire. The exterior of the book is very tasteful covered in a navy blue canvas with a purple label stating the title in white stitching. You would think it was adopted by Esquire from Lauren’s ‘Purple Label’ collection.

221 pages long the book contains a vast number of highly valuable tips that would even gain interest by people who knows how to dress. Reading the book is a pleasure as the language is easy to understand as the author hasn’t used unwarranted adjectives in an attempt to make the book sound more fancy. The layout and font contribute to the appeal too, no matter what page you jump into the gratification is instant. In spite the user friendliness the book double as the time machine, all the graphics and monochrome pages gives you the impression that the book was printed during the industrial revolution. Although photo’s of Andre 3000, George Clooney and Jonny Depp makes it feel contemporary there’s no denying that a few diagrams and photos in colour would have increased the visual appeal. On the other hand there is plenty of witty in there for occasional HIHIs and HAHAs.

Is it worth $15? Many of the pages cover things you had no idea that you didn’t know, but it’s a very one sided book. Unless you occasionally wear blazers and suits the book won’t be much of assistant in your career to style greatness. Everything from the content about shoes and accessories to grooming and outerwear evolve around suits. In fact, the book should be renamed to ‘Style handbook for Dandies’. Additionally there are no snazzy tips in there that would give you the extra edge in the business class lounge at Heathrow airport. The conservative dresser will enjoy the ‘Handbook of Style’ book but the fashion week junkie will be left with a non-flavour taste in their mouth. Depending on who you are a 6 month magazine subscription might be the better source for fashion inspiration and tips.

Is it a must have? No, some of the tips can be found in old magazine issues dusting somewhere in your home.

Is it a good read?
Yes, quick way of passing time while gaining new knowledge

Can the money be better spent elsewhere? Yes, a 6 months fashion magazine subscription is a better investment many times over.

Grade: 6.5/10 Splendid bookshelf ornament that isn’t strong enough to justify its price.