Aristocratic attire.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Dear readers. Today I have to confess that lately I’ve lost the core values in behaviors and need to be de detoxicated from all the impurities I’ve attained through my image conscious surrounding. It’s time for a trip down the memory lane back to dynasty age of aristocracy.

There haves always been a high level of respect and admiration I have had for aristocrats, especially the British. As far as manners and behaviors are concerned they have have always been the epitome. Today very few aristocrats exist and the majority have mutated into snobs not spread tradition and the legacy of their ancestors.

YSL, Dior and Gucci isn’t the only path in life and there is an alternative way of dressing for those who don’t feel comfortable in trench coats, skinny jeans and such. Even though aristocracy is more or less dead, it did leave behind a unique way of dressing. Is it Preppy? Nope. Business/Gentleman style? Wrong! But it does lean a little towards the preppy side. Discretion is one of the core values of aristocracy. Have respect for people around you, don’t be showy, be polite and never talk about money in public.

Naturally all their values are reflected in their way of dressing , which is elegant but very reserved. Dressing in a non-pretentious manner was important which is why you don’t see noble individuals Prince Harry rocking a coat with Burberry lining. Despite him sitting on millions of Sterling pounds you never see him with a D&G belt or a Von Dutch cap on his head.

So the question is, what do you wear as anaristocratic-wannabe? The first rules is off course not to wear clothes with big logos or brand names on them which rule out any merchandise from D Squared. Colour wise everything you wear should blend in with the surrounding, think of the sea and leaving falling during fall. Natural colours are most suitable, though one can wear bright colours as long as the over appearance of the outfit isn’t too attention-whorish. Melt in, don’t stand out. Boring wardrobe next? Not necessarily. Comfortable good high quality clothes mixed up properly can result in a very fresh outfit.

Hip hoppers and rappers wear basket ball jerseys and aristocrats wear polo shirts with horse polo symbols/logos on them. You probably familiar with polo shirts already and they do look very nice with chinos which are the preferred pants for casual days. My ego and stubbornness got the best of me when I last year ruined my beloved Polo shirt(pictured below when new) because I didn’t bothered to read the instructions for a special deodorant I bought. The end result was holes in the armpits with surrounding fabric discolored. Clumsy me who always skip reading manuals and instructions.

You can’t speak of nobility and aristocracy without mentioning Lady Diana who really was a lady. A true princess who should serve as an inspiration for all those women out there not wearing panties and driving cars under the influence. She was a woman of great values which is why several millions of people grieved after she died.


Alex said...

Nice has given me some ideas!

style to me said...

I love your article! Could you recommend any movies with great aristocratic style that can give me some inspiration for women style? Thanks! :)