FW08: Missoni Men's wear.

Sunday, 13 January 2008


Kick off time and first in line is Missioni which we relate for their notoriously colourful and geometric patterns. This time they have left much of their signature patterns behind the curtain and laid more emphasis on design.


Missioni has become the arch nemesis of Burberry. Both design houses design proper but very chic men’s wear for the modern 21th century man. This F/W collection doesn’t consist of is not the typically cocky bad boy type of outfits. It is a little puffy though, if you look at the upper part of the trousers which gradually become slimmer downwards. Many of them a little shimmery and with the beige background the collection give me some minor Burberry SS08 ultra sonic vibes. They are very attractive though and are similar in shape to the type of jeans I wear.



It’s tucking-in galore to say the least. The trousers have been accentuated by tucking in the upper wear. With 2-4 thick pieces tucked into the trousers there is no way that a 5 years old boy would want to wear many of the outfits. Everything from shirts and turtle necks to thick cardigans have been tucked in for the pleasure of preventing the models from freezing in this unusually warm winter.




The belts.

Kimono styled cardigans.

Slim pants.

The bright but not to bright colour scheme.


Tucked in blazers, meeh??

Please return some of the knit wear you have stolen from the elderly, especially the chicken yellow cardigan.

Grade: Missoni is rising on my rank and even though there is grandpa inspiration this collection it’s a home run. 5/5


Anonymous said...

i love the yellow cardigan

Luwalira said...

You do? With a little luck you might find one in your near by second hand stores.