FW08: Prada Men's wear.

Monday, 14 January 2008


Preppy is cute, and like the universe, we don’t know what’s beyond it. Thanks to Prada we no longer have to wonder because they have now introduced feminine attire for men. Besides looking Fergalicious in a mini skirt we men can finally have something in the wardrobe that our girlfriends or sisters will desperately want to borrow. Felicia would make a wonderful middle name for a man dressed in a skirt. If you get teased or laughed at by ignorant people who justifiably assume that your short skirt was acquired in Marks & Spencer’s women department, a good advice is to keep a Prada FW08 look book in your pocket or purse as defense.



Those who still feel like defying the rules of masculinity Prada didn’t hold back and have a little group of tops to go with the shirt. Shy people will be happy to know that there are skin-colored body stockings to cover the upper body with. As icing of the cake Prada has designed a mysterious thing you wear around to waist which gives the impression that you’re exposing your panties.




The avant-garde en clean design of the suits.

The shoes.


Fish skin coloured suits on the meny? No thanks, my omega-3 intake is fine.

Mini skirts for men = Madness and complete blasphemy.

Grade: Bold surprise from Prada with a whole gang of none wearable pieces but there is something a little charming about collection, it kind of disastrous but has flair. 3.5/5



Lynn & Horst said...

and there it is: metallic materials.
i guess we will see more of it...

the collection really reminds me of 90s raf simons - back to the trash decade!

CresceNet said...

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Luwalira said...

Lynn & horst: Metallic is a bit last season, all the other fashion houses did it with their SS08 collection. Prada went a little step further with the metallic look and has created some very abstract fabrics.

Crescenet: Thanx for the compliment but sadly I cannot link to your blog because it isn't in English :S

EJ said...

i've been thinking about those faux man knickers all day... they're burned into my brain. why does prada hurt us so?