Love thy passion until death do you apart.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

It’s no secret that Michael Schumacher is dying to compete in F1 again, especially when last year we enjoyed the most exciting F1 season in years. So you can understand that Shumi wants to be a part of the action, which some people said, wouldn’t exist when Shumi retires from driving. Over the winter break he has been flirting with fans by test driving for Ferrari a couple of times, but despite the speculations he has said that he has no intensions of competing in the sport again. You have got to give him kudos for leaving dignity rather than competing until he’s worthless like many other top athletes.

Although Shumi one of the best drivers who have ever existed he’s far from the best dresser I know of. It’s not like he doesn’t know how to dress, but he’s one of those people who simply have bad taste. Most of the clothes I’ve seen him wear are pretty tacky but I love the Ed Hardy bomber jacket he wore arriving to the Barcelona circuit for testing last month. Logically thinking it’s understandable that he’s not an expert at clothes. When you’re a formula driver you’re living out of a small suitcase from February to November every year and barely have time to live a normal life. In most of the time the driver’s and their team mates are dressed in team attire, having no playroom for individualization.