Semi-metallic pants at HM.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Last week during a random visit at an HM store I stumbled on a pair of delightful pants. Hanging on a rack they didn’t look like much, but when I tried them on they became an instant buy. If you want to ride on the metallic trend this spring/summer you need to get these. The fit perfect, they sit a little low down the wait and they are relatively narrow all the way down, narrow but not to tight. I wish I had a picture of me dressed in them to show you how beautiful they are but I don’t.

What you see in the picture above is close to how they look, but these are grey and have slightly different luster. Don’t worry, they are not flamboyant or too extravagant at all and can be worn on casual basis. Best of all is that they only cost 28 Euro!! A steal considering how high fashion they look. Trying them out for the first time by mom was shocked to hear the price, she though they cost at least 3 times as much. Having though about it over the night I’m probably going to pick up a second pair in case the pair I have ends up looking like crap in 3-4 months. I generally wear 32 in waist size but bought the 31s since they had the best fit on, so make sure to try a smaller size.


Lynn & Horst said...

i want to see you in that pants!

and will def have a step-by at Hasi&Mausi...

rousi said...

I would die to see that pants too!

And by the way - you are doing a really great job here! Keep it up, please.

Greets from Germany

Luwalira said...

Danke fur der komplimange Rousi. Sorry for the lousy German I write but I really appreciate your encouragement.