AW08/09: Trends

Sunday, 24 February 2008

The 90s fur glamor is back! AW08 was dominated by fur and skin from all sorts of animals from Noah’s ark. So when fall hits, and you want to show the world that you have small genitalia then get the biggest fur coat money can buy.

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Vegetarians and animal friends must be outraged by the excessive use of fur. It’s not entire uncommon that some extremist pour a bucket of red paint on people wearing fur as if they were Fred Flintstone. Back in the days when humans were monkey-men with nothing but a canoe and a spear a big fur signified bravery, strength and honor.

male fashion blogsmale fashion blogs

Fast forwarding a few million years we humans have conquered earth and are able to shot down a spy satellite cruising in space 27 000km above sea level. That achievement itself shows makes fur coats pretty uncool, unless you are Hulk Hogan wearing fur from a Canadian grizzly bear strangled to death using your bare hands. Despite the social side of it I can’t see fur becoming popular again, fur is hideously expensive. Two years ago I saw a fur coat at Dior Homme at Harrods made out of fox fur priced at a jaw breaking 21 000 euro. May the slaughtered foxes rest in peace.

male fashion blogsmale fashion blogs

Equally as popular as fur designer have unanimously decided that the colours of leaves falling in autumn should correspond to the colours of our clothes. Usually the majority of AW collections come in no other colour but grey or black. This time brown, green and orange in earthly tones.


The Nine said...

Ja jag har faktiskt flyttat ut till santa barbara,california nu. Och jag har aldrig trivts sa bra som jag gor nu, life is good!

Jasa, inte illa! vad pluggade du for nagot da? Bodde du nara irvine?

Aa natalie berattade om att du skulle flytta dit, hur leker livet dar borta?

fashionholic said...

Je suis à Paris!!! japp fur ar poppis nu... jag foredrar pals detajer.. blir inte sa vulgo da..

Robert said...

Bara att köra! =)
Till parkas tycker jag det är toppen, slipper man ha den hängandes och flängandes!