Monday, 4 February 2008

Although London has everything to offer and a bit more, the density and high concentration of building, cars and people can at times be overwhelming. Sometimes I dose off and fall asleep completely exhausted at 23:00, which is very unlike me since I usually can stay up very late. The city consumes your energy, and the citizens are constantly in the rush where ever they are, and they work very long hours as well. The tourist standing in the way are the only ones who see to have all the time in the world.

I think I need to find spot here in London where I can lock out everything out of my mind and just……….exit, like a tiny organism in the sea. A small hide out where I can be without having to worry about the number of hours there are left on the day or about stuff that needs to be done. I need my own zone! I struck my mind when I saw this editorial, I don’t know what it is but I find a sense of relaxations in these shots.


EJ said...

may i recommend...
the national gallery, the seats on the bridge between the main gallery and the sainsbury wing
soho before 11am (or 1pm on a sunday)
holland park (or most of the parks)
buckingham palace at night (hanging around by the gates, not breaking in...)

beautiful pictures.

fashionholic said...

jag brukar gömma mig på westbourne grove i notting hill, en liten avstickare från hysterin på portobello rd..

Anonymous said...

awww so nie pictures :)

Luwalira said...

EJ: Thanks for the recommendations. I have yet to explore London properly so I'll take a visit the locations next week=)

Fashionholic: Så du har också en egen liten hideout. Nottinghill har jag ännu inte besökt men jag tänker se filmen först=P

The Frenchie said...

If you think these pics are relaxing, hop on a plane and flight to Nice, France, coz they have been shoot there! ;-) It's even better in real !